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    Community Mission Reviews Send us Your Review!

    Mission Name: Intruder Alert
    Created By: Dave Ferrell
    Download Intruder Alert

    Reviewed By: Jim On: 01/03/00
    Dave managed to make a really neat and different type of mission here. Instead of merely blowing an alien up, it forces you to practice using some other tactics. Staying alive while hoovering at range 10 or less to a hostile creature (especially when playing Romulan with slooooowww intelligence gathering) is quite a challenge. This will teach you all about ECM, erratic maneuvers, sheild reinforcement, maneuvering, and power management. I enjoyed it a lot, and highly recommend everyone try it out!

    I did have a few comments for Dave, though. I would have liked some realtime feedback as to how much scientific information I was gathering, how much I needed, whether or not the sci-probes (which I assume you created) added additional amounts of information over a standard probe (again, I assume they did, but there was never any real indication other than the recieving data message). Also, the deep scan didn't seem to do anything at all... shouldn't this have also helped with the information gathering process? Also, there was no clue as to when the science probe would be available. Hitting the communication button originally gave no options for anything....so there was no real clue that you should try again. And scanning the planet did nothing...what was it communicating with?

    As you can see, I really liked this mission and hope that Dave can modify it a bit more to really make it shine. As is, I still give it at least a 9.5 out of 10. Highly recommended!

    Reviewed By: Robin On: 12/29/99
    This is one of the most interesting missions out. It forces you to act as a Starship Captain and think, rather than just begin blasting as you go in. How will the Alien Monster be stopped? Of all the missions out, this one is the most like the TV series.

    Interestingly there are many possible endings! The challenge is staying alive long enough to solve it. Great mission from Dave, hopefully he'll make a few more.

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