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    Mission Name: Hydran Campaign (Multiple Missions)
    Created By: Jim
    Download Hydran Campaign (Link Takes you to Jim's Site)

    Reviewed By: MaxOMan523 On: 11/30/99
    To my recollection (and I admit I could be wrong), Jim Bruce was one of the first SFC gamers to create a large number of custom-made missions for this game, and in my opinion, his Hydran Campaign Missions #1 through #8 are among the best and most enjoyable missions available for SFC. For anyone that has ever played the ADB game Federation & Empire, you will immediately see the similarities between the General War and these campaign missions that revolve around the rebuilding of the Hydran fleet after its defeat and expulsion from Hydran territory by the Klingons and Lyrans. Each mission builds upon what the previous one accomplished, and they all follow in order. The missions themselves occur within the course of a Hydran single-player campaign and won't begin until your fleet is at least 250 BPVs in strength. (And to complete some of the missions you will need every bit of that firepower!)

    This Hydran campaign is exceptional in its creativity and gameplay elements, and is a great deal of fun. I would rate these missions (as a whole) a 10 out of 10 and say they are a must for anyone that likes to play the Hydrans or was a fan of F&E.

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