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    Mission Name: Gat Attack (Orion Campaign Mission #2)
    Created By: Jim
    Download Gat Attack

    Reviewed By: Robin On: 02/23/00
    This mission took me over 15 tries to complete, more than any other. Yet, it was a LOT of fun. The action takes place in an asteroid ridden system, with a huge and deadly enemy Hydran Starbase not too far off. You have your little Orion ship, with a grand total of 2 phaser banks(one a type 3) and have to go up against a convoy of Hydran Freighters and a heavily armed Q ship. The Q ship carries 2 heavy fighters with hellbores. Thank heavens, Jim added on a plasma F to the Orion for this mission.

    Things that go wrong include

    • flying too close to the enemy starbase - they have like a million hellbores!
    • letting the enemy fighters tear you up while you take potshots at the big ships
    • Hitting asteroids ( we've all done that right?)
    • letting the escort ship get you
    • shooting the planet by mistake( they have some nasty planetary phasers)
    Now for some tips:

    - If you can, get close to the planet Kilmah(sp?) and beam yourself a few spares. Then tackle the enemies.
    - The big freighters are easy to separate, and can be handily towed into the planet, just make SURE you leave the Q ship alone!
    - The mission objective is to capture the Q ship- stay out of range of the fusion guns! Don't waste soldiers on any other ship.
    - Always kill the fighters first. You have 2 T bombs. And the Plasma F also works good on them.

    Eliminating the enemy escort:

    - I found 2 easy ways - tractor him into a rock, or torpedo his forward shield, and then run away near asteroids, so he chases you in the dust cloud. It sandpapers his hull real good, and he has hell to get weapons to bear as you nimbly dip round the rock!

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