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    Mission Name: Frigate
    Created By: Jim
    Download Frigate

    Reviewed By: Robin On: 12/12/99
    At first glance this mission might look real simple. However, it wasn't.

    You are flying a Frigate and are defending your space against an enemy incursion, consisting of.. well, another Frigate, if the title's any clue. Fairly straightforward. The thing that sets this mission apart is the great terrain! In fact, the terrain was more dangerous than the enemy, and killed me 2 times. Pay attention to the briefing map!

    Somehow, Jim has managed to squash a whole solar system into one map, and boy, it's a tightly cluttered system! No fewer than 3 planets, a slew of asteroids (no doubt from other planets that collided ) - and a sun too! - make this a tense pilot's test. You have to have situational awareness to survive, as the sun will fry your shields, dust clouds will rake your hull, and asteroids will block your path. Somewhere in this mess is the enemy, and he's coming for you. It's best to aim for a relatively clear area to fight in, as the hazards are pretty serious. You begin near the lower border, and it's best to stay close to it. Let him fly to you, and by the time he gets there, he'll be weakened by the transit!

    Kudos to Jim for attempting to make a real complete solar system in a mission. Because of the low level of conflict, this one is suitable for beginners, and all the background makes for great screenshots. Only one point of weirdness- a third ship seemed to appear in the overhead map, and then disappear off the screen. (It was a Romulan vessel, same as I was flying)

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