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    Community Mission Reviews Send us Your Review!

    Mission Name: Fleet Action
    Created By: Roger Bacon
    Download Fleet Action

    Reviewed By: James Pescado On: 02/23/00
    This is an excellently made mission, one of the best I've seen so far, except for some rather peculiar bugs:
    1. Anachronisms in ships. The ships which show up as your opposing force sometimes have not actually been "introduced" at the time of the mission.
    2. The mission is worth the same(300) no matter how much you win by. What it should be is like 50 prestige for surviving it, plus bonuses for everything you frag, and really big addon for fragging everything.
    As far as play is concerned, this is simply the best I've seen. It's way better than any of the missions Interplay has, and way better than any of the others anyone else has made. It is, however, ungodly hard for a ship without a properly huge missile bay, and nearly impossible against the Hydrans, with all those absolutely huge swarms of fighters. The only way I could beat this mission was to fly away from the onrushing horde dumping missiles at them. If done right, you can beat it with a repair cost of less than 100 prestige. And I had to use every single missile I had in my racks, and they still weren't all killed by this, although they were weakened sufficiently to mop up with other weapons. So far, this mission has popped up 3 times: Kli vs. Lyran(won), Kli vs. Fed(won), Kli vs. Hydran(chased off the map by the fighters after fragging some frigates), Fed vs. Lyran(won), Fed. vs. Rom(GIVEAWAY, stupid cloakers!)


    Conclusion: The ultimate Fragmatch. Look forwards to v2.0.
    Final Rating: 6.4 (Deep Space Encounter = 1.0)

    Reviewed By: MaxOMan523 On: 11/30/99
    When I read the readme.txt file that comes with this mission it talks about the opportunity to fight a realistically organized enemy FLEET, no more "clone fleets", i.e., if you have 3 CAs, the enemy will have 3 CAs, etc. This more than anything was intriguing and made me want to play the mission, as I do get tired of fighting enemy "fleets" made up only of multiple DNs, BCs, or other unrealistic ship groupings. Unfortunately the way this mission is "balanced" makes it unwinnable in the conventional sense (as it is supposed to be as per the guidelines of the mission brief when it says "you're not expected to defeat the entire fleet by yourself"). You're only supposed to stay in the battle as long as you can and inflict as much damage as possible before retreating, but the makeup of the enemy fleet will ALWAYS be about twice (or more) the size of your fleet (in BPVs), it will just be made up of small ships, medium ships, and large ships.

    To me this mission was a disappointment in the fact that I was hoping the "real fleet" I was going to fight would be balanced so that I still had a fighting chance to defeat it. After all, I was supposed to be fighting a fleet, so I thought that "winning" should still revolve around defeating all the elements of that enemy fleet. Now whenever the mission comes up during a campaign I ask myself why do I want my ships to be horribly crippled (or my AI ships destroyed) for a mere 300 prestige points when I can turn and run away and disengage while still "earning" the same 300 prestige points without ever firing a shot?

    To me the mission was a disappointment (at least as far as my expectations were concerned), but nonetheless it is a good challenge to see just how long you can last against a considerably superior force before you're forced to disengage. My recommendation is that if you choose to fight the enemy forces, do it near the edge of the map so that you can disengage as quickly as possible when you start to become overwhelmed (because once the enemy battlewagons arrive you will quickly become outgunned no matter how big your ships are).

    I'd give the mission a 6 out 10 for whetting my appetite for a "real" fleet engagement, but disappointing me in that I question why I would (realistically) want my ships to be crippled/destroyed when I know I don't have a chance to "win".

    Reviewed By: Kire Pheonix On: 11/29/99
    This mission has multiple maps available, and is extremely difficult. Of all the maps, the asteroid field is the most player-friendly. I've found that this mission is almost impossible when you've got a large ship, no matter which map is used. I'm uncertain if it's a conscious choice on the authors part, or if the computer is randomly choosing the same types of ships over and over again, but If found that more often than not, the enemy fleet population contains a very high percentage of drone ships. In any case, it makes for an almost impossibly hard mission. Too hard in fact. The briefing states that you're not supposed to kill all of the fleet, but the fact of the matter is, that you will have a difficult time killing two frigates with a battleship AND surviving on this one. Why? Because the other ships in the fleet are too close together at the start of the scenario, and they all close on your position. What you wind up with is 2 battleships, 2 heavy cruisers, and several destroyers & frigates all piled up together. The frigates out-run their support in the beginning, so you can pick off one or two before being forced to flee the massed firepower.

    The conclusion on this one is: It is a VERY tough challenge, and worth your play, but don't be shy about running for the hills quite early into it.

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