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    Mission Name: Die Hard
    Created By: Jim
    Download Die Hard

    Reviewed By: Robin On: 12/17/99
    From Nick's story on the forum comes this mission by Jim.
    You are a Klingon commander in a heavy cruiser, out to do what Klingons do best to a Federation convoy of 5 freighters, and 2 police ships. Out in the distance is a Federation Starbase and 3 Patrol Frigates, trying to close in.

    At Commodore level, this was a bit too easy. The Heavy cruiser has ample firepower to make mincemeat of the entire convoy. Mines in the midst of the sluggish freighters clobbered several shields at once, and they were easy to destroy & capture. As the Fed reinforcements closed in, it was simple to run a sort of zigzag alpha, and drop suicide shuttles & scatterpacks to kill them in just 2 passes. (Note - played this with the half shields mod, so your milage may vary)

    As we closed on the Starbase, it turned tail & ran across the border!

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