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    Community Mission Reviews Send us Your Review!

    Mission Name: Convoy Attack!
    Created By: Scott Robert Ladd
    Download Convoy Attack!

    Reviewed By: Ed "Comte" DeLoach On: 12/13/99
    Everything roger says is true. I would suggest one change, though.... Make the missions have you use NCT's, and do a classic cutting out maneuver, where you capture a ship with harming it. In the days of wooden ships and iron men, captians participated in the prize system, where they got money from the sale of captured ships. This would be a good addition to this mission.

    Reviewed By: Roger Bacon On: 12/12/99
    This is a skirmish mission where you have to attack and destroy/capture freighters. I really enjoy this mission. The freighters have a 50% chance of being escorted and there are Q-ships in with the freighters regardless. When you attack the freighters they often split up in to two different groups. That's a good job of programming because we all know the AI on its own would just move them as a block of units toward their destination.

    This scenario is very good and it could be made even better with a few modifications. First, add a campaign version. Do that and I can say goodbye to Interplay's freighter attack missions with their unrealistic 9 DN reinfocrement fleet. Second, allow players to choose the race of the enemy fleet they will face by means of the skirmish customization screen. Third, increase the chance of escorts being present to 100% because the mission is too easy without escorts. Alternately, you could use a flag in the sfc.ini file to determine the chance of escorts being present if you want to allow users to control that.

    This is the only mission I know of by Robert Ladd. I hope he writes more soon.

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