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    Community Mission Reviews Send us Your Review!

    Mission Name: Cavalry Charge
    Created By: Cory Bodzin
    Download Cavalry Charge

    Reviewed By: George Starring On: 12/01/99
    This is one Mission I greatly enjoy. Now I have a lowly 200 Mhz machine so I do unfourtunately have to turn down the speed to avoid warpage of the ships and stuttering from graphics overload. I played this on Admiral Level.

    But this is one hell of a mission to play. One of the best I have seen released so far. I blew the first time up by charging straight into the jaws of death with all my AI companions. The AI just cannot handle a good knife fight and you end up having to micromanage the fight.

    So the 2nd Time I told the 6 AI ships I could control to escort me and I angled for the Klingon flanks. I then launched probes into the fleets to Identify the Victory and Lyran cruiser. Once identified and logged I directed my fleet to attack the Victory. So is usual fashioned they fired off Proxy Photons while I closed in with full overloads. Once the Victory went down the Lyrans starting to bug out after killing enough klingon ships. Your mileage may vary. With the Lyrans running I mopped up the Klingon fleet

    The ships I lost were the smaller ones and the Hydrans since I couldn't control them they continued on the merry way to enternal bliss in the hallowed methane halls of were ever they go.

    Big key to winning this one is slow the game down to a manageable level and micromanage your fleet then it become intensely fun. Enjoy this one.

    Reviewed By: XXX_Oquendo On: 11/30/99
    This is a hard mission. I thought the enemy is in training! They don't look it comparing they have a IKV Victory Dreadnought that is killing you as we speek. "Everyone concentrate on the Dreadnought!" Now how do you do that considering you have many ships attacking and the hard one, the lyrans? Their ESG's is destroying your fleet. If lucky, and you can still survive after destroying the Dreadnought, you might still lose when you finish the mission. So how do you make it much better? Simple. At the start of the mission, order your FFG to defend you and your DW. Is this crazy to you? No. Now have the 2 of the allied race and 2 more Federation ships to attack the dreadnought. Now the rest that havn't been commanded will attack the other ships. This worked for me. Concentrate at the right and rear shields. They are weak because they have an angle to be damaged seriously. After that, the klingons will come to defend the Victory. This is where your FFG and DW (If still alive) comes in handy, Have them defend the victory and not only will they damage (since I am using version 1.01.90) the enemy but they also damage the target that is supposed to be defended. Now you can damage the other vessals. WHAT A GOOD THING! I recommand going after the lyrans and attacking them or you have a problem. After you kill the lyrans, the enemy klingons are at your disposal to destroy!!! Yipee! you did it! Now you have a fun time defeating the enemy without the mods!

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