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Plasmids are mutable DNA created from a source called Adam, that allow the inhabitants of Rapture to boost their natural attributes and do incredible things to their bodies. Some plasmids can gain you strength and speed, while others can add exceptional abilities in the form of weapons and affect the environment around you. Plasmids can be found in 3 different categories: Physical, Engineering and Weapons. Here is a list of some of the Plasmids that can be found through out the game. The list will be updated once more are learned.


Speed Boost
Drastically increases movement speed
Aggressor Irritant
Characters hit with the Splicer Irritant become the enemy of all Splicers.
Electro Bolt
Fire a shocking bolt of electricitythatboth stuns both
man and machine. For more damage, hit enemies in water.
Use your mind to grab objects out of reach. Once you have the object, use it or throw it!
Use this plasmid to set objects and creatures on fire. Shoot flames from your hands and be a magicians envy.
Winter Blast
Freeze your foes in place. Give them a hit to shatter them to nothingness
Security Bullseye
With this, you can turn your enemies into the camera's enemy. Photoelectric insects cover your target making them the trespasser.
Feeling lonely? This will allow enemies to think they are your pal!
Toss it at an enemy so that they will turn on whoever is near them!
Insect Swarm
The buzz is big on this one! Unleash the swarm on an enemy to get them out of your hair!

Physical Plasmids

Hacker's Delight
converts the current from a hacked machine into a
powerful way to heal yourself when it is most needed!
Booze Hound
Drink all you want! This allows all the alcohol in Rapture to be your best friend!
Medical Expert
Allows healing agents to last longer and sickness and disease to disappear quicker
EVE Link
Allows your body to produce EVE just like Little Sisters! All the fun; zero the protection of Big Daddies!
The more you fight, the more you heal.

Engineering Plasmids

Security Expert
Used for disabling electronic security features
Alarm Expert
Allows the electrochemical composition in your body to diffuse circuitry alarms in security systems.
Vending Expert
Change the prices on vending machines to get plasmids for cheaper than sticker price!
Hacking Expert
Defuses alarms and helps avoid overloads.

Combat Plasmids

Electric Flesh
Allows you to charge your body with an electric charge
Static Discharge
Just like after shuffling your feet on the carpet, when someone touches you - ZAP!
Melee Master
Allows you to become stronger and wield heftier weapons
Armored Shell
Some people are thick skinned and some aren't. With Armored Shell you can be both at the same time!

Cyclone Trap
Attack from below and blow your enemies away!

Fool your enemies into thinking you are somewhere else!