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The once proud and elite inhabitants of Rapture, the Splicers have mutilated their bodies beyond recognition with Plasmids and Adam. There are more than a few varieties including some that crawl on ceilings and walls. All are different, but all are deadly.

Security Bots
If you happen to get spotted in a security camera or get tripped up on a security wire, these pesky robots that seems to be created from outboard motors will come calling.


Sander Cohen
One of the musical entertainers of Rapture, now driven quite insane, has it in for you and will make sure that he sees you dead.
These massive bodies of goo are the Grenadiers. They have a variety of grenades at their disposal that they have created from scraps and garbage found around the remains of Rapture.
Quick and agile, the Riflemen carry a gun that will make short work of any opponent if they aren't fast on their feet.
These slippery sneaky splicers are deadly indeed. Usually not spotted until the last second, their claws and mouths make them one extreme enemy.