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Contest Results!

Well we certainly received some pretty good and some pretty interesting entries for the "create a plasmid" contest. Here are your winners and thank you to everyone who took the time to enter! Winners, your prizes will be in the mail shortly!

Grand Prize: (bioshock 360 face plate)

Gear Head Plasmid
It would be a weapon plasmid that you shoot at a friendly (hacked) machine like a turret/camera and flying bots. You'll be able to see what the machine would see and use its weapons. With the turret you can shoot at splicers and big daddies etc. With the camera you can spy and set the alarm to send out bots to unwelcome guest (even big daddies). The bots you can fly around, shoot and spy. With all of them you can switch between all the machines in the level.

With the ones you haven't hacked you may only look to see what they see, but not shoot, fly around in a direction you want to and set up an alarm and send out bots on splicers and big daddies. It can only give you a look on the room you are about to enter. On the downside when you are using this plasmid you are standing in plane sight and if you are hit the plasmid stops immediately.

(The camouflage would work well with this plasmid) Also, the eve is used as a timer as how long you can stay in using the plasmid. With each couple second a piece of the eve would go down. It would be useful to have the upper hand when entering a room that you know will be infested with splices and another great way to have traps for the big daddies.


Runners Up: (3 threadless t-shirts)

Infravision Plasmid
Allows the character to sense heat signatures by staring at an area for several seconds. It would allow the character to, for example, see an enemy's heat signature in a darkened room, or to allow them to see enemy outlines behind a closed door, but walls and similar structures (such as the metal boxcars in Apollo Square) would block the infrared outline. A penalty could be added that staring at a fire for too long could cause temporary partial blindess, as their heat output is too great.

Sticky Icky Plasmid
Use either sap form the forest, honey from the bees, or tar from the core room. These would be where they are located. You would shoot it at enemies and they will become stuck. I guess you would be able to link these plasmids with other like plasmid. For instance, with the honey, after you use it, you can use bee swarm after and get double damage. Or with the sap you can use ice plasmid after to turn them into Fossils. Or with the tar sticky plasmid, you can use incinerate plasmid to to set em on fire for double the time and double the fun. Or with all three you can sticky them onto walls or the ground and beat em with the wrench.

Switcheroo Plasmid
Not only would it great confuse your enemy, but it would give you an excellent advantage and upper-hand on planning a successful counter-attack.. For example, lets say your enemy has the Fire Plasmid out. Depending on his position and location it may make him very difficult to destroy. With this 'trading' Plasmid you could 'trade' a Gravity Plasmid and obtain his very own Fire Plasmid rendering his position useless to your counter-attack