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Site Introduction:
This is a fan site, devoted to the classic Nintendo franchise, F-Zero. This very site covers the entire series, including each game, released or unreleased, as well as games that have F-Zero cameos. We also host an assortment of Guides and Articles, Music and Movies, and one of the most extensive Pilot Profiles sections on the 'net.

Recent Page Updates:
Huge updates in the F-Zero: Climax section
New info on the GP Legend (Anime) page
GP Legend's Story Mode Guide has been started

Important Reminders:
F-Zero: Climax is out on October 21st in Japan

Site Commentary:
F-Zero: Climax is here! Check out our selection of custom tracks (like Renegade Road), or submit your own. Expect an Import Playtest feature in a few days.

Also, the F-Zero GX/AX Original Soundtrack available from So, accordingly, the GX and AX tracks on this site are no longer available. Now, if only Nintendo of America would get on board with this sort of thing.

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