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F-Zero Sites

F-Zero Academy

Lt. Jessie's great F-Zero site.

F-Zero Central

Time trials for every F-Zero game. This site is down at the moment.
F-Zero Clan Challenge Team F-Zero GX challenges. Site also has Custom Emblems.

F-Zero Global

A new site for non-spaceflying and non-dakou GX time trial rankings.

F-Zero GX Stuff

Interesting F-Zero GX time attack videos.

F-Zero: MV Fan Page

Long abandoned, but there's some good stuff still here.

F-Zero Racers

A deviantART gallery featuring various talented artists and tons of art.

F-Zero Roleplay

Enjoy RPGs? Enjoy F-Zero? This site will combine the two.

F-Zero World

A pretty good GX and AX fan site. Features an AX location list.

IGN's F-Zero Forum

An active forum and a darn nice community.

Lateral Shift

Mekairinek's site, which features lots of her F-Zero artwork.

Official Sites

Amusement Vision The Sega developer responsible for F-Zero GX and AX.
F-Zero The official F-Zero GX/AX web site.
F-Zero Anime Japanese page from TV-Tokyo about the Anime series. Nintendo's North American site.
WarioWare.Biz Nintendo's wacky Wario Ware site. Worth a visit.
Other Nintendo Sites
64DD.Net Pretty good 64DD resources, and it's in English!
DMG Ice A Game Boy fanatic's dream. Packed with tons of great reviews, too. This site is excellent, with millions of codes for game enhancers.
Importaku Collection A great collection of Japanese Nintendo stuff.
NES World The best NES site I've ever seen. Covers unreleased and pirate stuff.
Nintendo Database The most complete (er, mostly) Nintendo web site out there.
Nintendo FSC Save files for Nintendo 64, GameCube, Game Boy Advance.
MetalGear-Online A Metal Gear fan site handled by Metroid-Online alum, Herschel.
Planet Virtual Boy One of the better Virtual Boy web sites out there.
SNESResource Only covers a few games, but does it well.
Star Fox-Online A newer and growing Star Fox site run by BondFan. Check it out. An Earthbound fan site that's still going strong after all these years.
Segagaga Domain So this isn't Nintendo related... but it does have tons of Sega stuff.
The Mushroom Kingdom The most consistent (and most impressive) Mario site I've ever seen.
Warp Pipe Play Double Dash, Kirby's Air Ride, and 1080 Avalanche online.
Game Music Sites
Overclocked Remix A large collection of video game music remixes.
Video Game Music Archive Mostly MIDI music, but still great.
Zophar's Domain SPC Archive Emulate the sounds of the SNES through your computer.

Sibling Sites

Tide Blue

The hub for all things Tide Blue. Humor and reviews.
Mode Green My GameCube save file site, including GCI and GCS formats.
HP Slappy Covers HersheyPark and other Pennsylvania attractions.

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