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About F-Mode

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F-Mode was started on March 27, 2002, with the purpose of telling people about F-Zero. F-Zero is a great game, but there just wasn't a web site that had all sorts of information on it. Even fryguy64 (owner of Nintendo Database) pointed out that there are even Wave Race fan sites, but no real F-Zero fan sites, other than player ranking sites.

So, with a mission to inform the public, I set out designing a F-Zero site one night and finished the design and uploaded it. But fate had been smiling on me that day, for when I woke up the next morning it was announced that SEGA was to make not one but two new F-Zero games. From that point on, I made F-Mode a top priority for myself.

On August 30th, 2003, a new kind of F-Mode was born, with more coverage of recent games like F-Zero GX and Wario Ware. Now, more than ever, I'm interested in F-Zero, the creators, the rich lore and back story behind it, and the little intricate details that many seem to miss.