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Atari 2600 Game of the Week for May 18th, 2002

Inspired by the ClassicGaming.Com Game of the Week,
I present to you an entirely Atari 2600 Game of the Week! Since there are over 1000 games for the 2600, I will try to add more than one game a week - though 20 years of work will keep me out of trouble...

The current Games of the Week:

  • Donkey Kong, by Coleco, developed by Dan Kitchen - 2451
  • Berzerk, by Atari, developed by Dan Hitchens - CX2650
  • Joust, by Atari, developed by ? - CX2691

    Previous games of the week:

  • Defender, by Atari , developed by Bob Polaro - CX2609
  • Stargate, by Atari, developed by Bill Aspromonte (Programmer) and Andrew Fuchs (Sound) - CX26120
  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, by Parker Brothers, programmed by Rex Bradford - PB5050
  • Space Invaders, by Atari, programmed by Rick Maurer - CX2632
  • Seaquest, by Activision, created by Steve Cartwright - AX022
  • Pac-Man, by Atari, written by Todd Frye - CX2646
  • Ms. Pac-Man, by Atari, unable to find developer's name - CX2675
  • Kool-Aid Man, by Mattel Electronics, created by Steve Tatsumi - MT4648

    Comments? Questions? Answers? Email me!