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The making of the guts.
The making of the guts.
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Fun Stuff!
2600 Golf Guy - Created by Anthony Ramos - I promise it'll put a smile on your face!
I've removed the schematics for the time being - I've found too many errors this weekend (5-20-2001) to have them here for others to have problems. I will post corrected schematics at some time in the future...
The Current Case Plans
for the 2600 CE. These are the hand-drawn plans on graph paper that the vacuum forming plastic company will be using as the basis for the production case.
The case from above.
The back and front views.
The bottom view.
The side view (from the left).
The cartridge connector that's molded into 2600 units, and will need to be molded into the back of the CE. You know, I wouldn't have to make this part (arguably the mosty complex part of the case) if so many carts didn't have that stupid dust cover...

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