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The making of the guts.
The making of the guts.
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Relevant Links

  • ClassicGaming.com - A great site that I visit daily, and now the home of this site! The Game Of The Week articles are highly recommended, as is the Museum!
  • Nintendo Entertainment System portable - we classic gamers are portable crazy! Tighe Lory has finished with the NESp - a custom-built NES portable! Now being hosted here at Classicgaming!!
  • Atari 2600 Manuals - Text versions of a vast majority of Atari 2600 games.
  • Mame 32 Homepage - The home for the Win32 version of the Multi Arcade Machine Emulator. Supports almost 3,000 games now - I'm trying to collect all of the available ROMS, but it takes a lot of time!
  • Mame 32 Q and A Department - The home for Screen shots, Cabinet shots, Marquee shots, and Icons for use in Mame32. Awesome stuff! I actually go here now to get the latest/ customized/ optimized version of Mame32 instead of the above link.
  • Atari 2600 VCSp Site - Ben Heckendorn's Atari portable site. It inspired me to create my own unit.
  • Atari HQ - Tons of Atari information and links.
  • Atari Age - Formerly the Atari Nexus, a great site to check regularly for the current Atari goings-on.
  • Official Atari 2600 FAQ - The core of 2600 information on the net, now hosted by Atari Age.
  • Official Atari 7800 FAQ - The core of 7800 information on the net, now hosted by Atari Age.

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