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Worminator 3

Worminator 3, The Official Sequel To Worminator

Worminator 3 is the sqeuel to the original Worminator, which was released in April of 2000. What happened to Worminator 2? Well, it took us SO long to cook up this sequel, that we decided to just skip 2 and go directly to 3 (also, the release of a certian new movie might have had something to do with our numbering scheme).

Worminator 3 includes all the weapons and levels that were in the original worminator, as well as a complete new episode, new weapons and items, new enemies, new skins, and a slew of new features. See the features section below for a complete list of all the new goodies we have added to Worminator 3 for you.

Download Worminator 3 NOW!

Click here to head on over to the Download Page and download, install and play Worminator 3 now! For FREE!

Worminator 3 Features

-Fast, fluid scrolling
-9 unique weapons, and 8 different weapon types
-Lots of gibs and shrapnel (all cartoonish, though)
-Visible character damage (as you get hurt, the Worminator actually becomes bloody)
-Visible weapons (every weapon actually appears differently on the Worminator. Most platform games have a single weapon graphic that shoots every type of projectile)
-Over 8 fully animated enemies
-Comes with over 6 levels, and a level editor is included so you can make your own
-Keycards, doors, special items, switches, lever, extending bridges, floating platforms, and more!
-Earthquakes rip the ground apart, while snow and rain fall around you
-Great MIDI tunes by Garret Thomson (,
-Many sound effects (All from Internet sites such as 'Sound America' and 'Meanrabbit'. Let me know if there are any copyright problems, and I will deal with them immediately)
-Parallax scrolling, plus four data layers in every map. This makes the engine very flexible
-Game includes a campaign game with special scripted events, as well as an option to load custom maps
-Stereo sound effects (where available)
-Limited 'skins' support; you can play as different characters!
-Built using Allegro + DJGPP. Source code may be made available if the demand is there
-If you wish to use the 'Worminator engine', contact me and we will discuss it (I would never charge any money for it, so if your interested, drop me an email. You have nothing to loose)
-Totally Freeware!
* -Worminator 3 is BY FAR the BEST GAME EVER MADE!
* -Worminator is now Win32 native, and we are not releasing DOS versions anymore.
* -Worminator now supports a lot of higher resolutions. Use the options menu to choose them.
* -Worminator now has an automap feature. To toggle it on and off, use the Tab key. See below for more information on the new automap feature.
* -The Worminator engine now has a particle system. Check out the smoke trails on rockets!
* -Worminator now has a stats feature that gives information about the current game. Press Caps Lock to toggle it on and off. Note that the 'Enemies left' display only refers to enemies that can be killed, and not immortal hazards such as flame jets.
* -Several maps now have additional scripted features, keep your eyes peeled!
* -The shotgun now has a laser sight to help you aim it!
* -There is now an options menu in the game! See the appropriate section below for more information...
* -Fixed tons of spelling errors in this ReadMe file and revised several sections.
# -Worminator now has access to many new weapons and alternate ammo types.
# -Many new enemies have been added to the game, beware!
# -You can now record and play back demos.
# -The Worminator can now duck! Press the Z key to take advantage of this new ability.
# -MayTricks mode added, allowing for bullet-time gameplay!
# -A level editor has now been integrated directly into the game, so you need not download a seperate program to edit levels

Note: A * indicates that a feature was added in Worm32, and a # indicates that a feature was not added until Worminator 3

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