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Game Info

General Information

Here we have descriptions of some of the Worminator's weapons and the enemies he will be fighting. Of course, not all of the weapons will be available right off, and we didn't want to spoil all the badass enemy surprises, so we only included some of the weapons, and some of the very basic enemies. You'll have to play through the game to find the rest of the awesomely devastating weapons!!!

Weapons Information

Minigun - ' 2 ' Key
This is the Worminator's basic weapon, which does minimal damage. It fires small bullets extremely fast, which means that it eats up ammo at amazing rates. However, there is also plenty of ammo for this gun lying around for this weapon, so don't be over conservative. You can hold up to 999 bullets for this weapon at a time. This weapon is one of only two that can fire under water! The minigun can be selected by pressing the '2' key on your keyboard.

Minigun Pictures

Shotgun - ' 3 ' Key
This weapon does a little more damage than the minigun. It also has the advantage of being an instant hit weapon, meaning that the instant you pull the trigger, the shell will hit your target. This makes the shotgun ideal for precision shots that you must line up carefully. To select the shotgun, press the '3' key during the game. The shotgun is the second weapon that can fire under water, so make sure you have some shells handy before you decide to go for a little swim.

Shotgun Picture

Rocket Launcher - ' 4 ' Key
Pressing '4' on your keyboard will select one of the more powerful weapons available to the Worminator, the rocket launcher. When fired, the rocket launcher will fire off a small rocket, which will then accelerate and fly off in the direction it is fired. The rocket explodes on contact with an enemy or a wall. The explosion from the rocket will do moderate damage to any enemies in its radius, and can also damage the Worminator if you are not careful, the rocket launcher is not able to fire under water.

Rocket Launcher Picture

Split Rocket Launcher - ' 5 ' Key
This is an upgrade for the rocket launcher that can be selected by pressing the '5' key. You automatically receive this weapon when you pick up a rocket launcher, so don't do looking for this weapon in any of the levels. This weapon is essentially just a rocket launcher, but instead of firing off a single rocket, this weapon fires off two rockets at a time which branch apart, one flying at an angle upward and the other downward. This fires the same type of ammo as the standard rocket launcher, and like the rocket launcher, it can not fire underwater.

Split Rocket Launcher

Laser Gun - ' 6 ' Key
The laser gun is one of the more interesting weapons available to the Worminator. It can be selected by pressing the '6' key on your keyboard. . When fired, the laser gun emits a pink laser beam that will instantly hit all enemies in its path. That's right, the laser rifle is capable of firing through any number of enemies, as long as they are all aligned. If there are four robotic dogs in front of you when you fire the gun, they all take an equal amount of damage. This weapon, like the shotgun, is an instant hit weapon. Unlike the shotgun, however, the laser gun can not fire under water.

Laser Gun Picture

Flame Thrower - ' 7 ' Key
One of the most devastating weapons that the Worminator can obtain is the flame thrower. When fired, a large flame bursts out of the nozzle of this weapon, burning flesh and melting metal. The longer you keep the flame on an enemy, the more damage is done. Selecting this weapon once you have it can be accomplished by pressing the '7' key on the keyboard. Naturally, the flame thrower is not able to fire under water.

Flame Thrower Picture

Mortar Cannon - ' 8 ' Key
This is the best weapon for making cheap shots and stealth attacks. The mortar cannon will fire off a large, bouncy mortar at a 45 degree angle when used. The mortar will then bounce around like crazy until it hits an enemy or simply explodes due to being bounced around too much. Select the mortar launcher by pressing '8', and be careful, because like rockets, will damage the Worminator if they explode near him, and can not be used under water due to their explosive nature.

Mortar Cannon Picture

CLASSIFIED - ' 9 ' and ' 0 ' Keys
There are two additional top secret weapons that are not listed here. Download the game and find them for yourself!

Enemies Information

Here, you will be able to find the kinds of weapons that your armament will be up against. In the full game, there are things even more devastating than what we see here, ranging from live nukes to robotic dogs, to even robots of colossal size, all trying to kill you. But since we don't want to spoil the surprises for you, we've only included the most basic of enemies. The first ones you will encounter.

Rebel Worms -
These few surviving organic worms were dedicated to fighting against all the Worminators in the great war. Now, you are the only Worminator left, so the rebels are completely committed to your destruction to complete their final victory over the Worminators. There are four separate types of rebel worms, including laser rebel worms, rocket rebel worms, and two other undisclosed warriors that you will have to observe for yourself.

 Rebel Worm 1 Rebel Worm 2 Rebel Worm 3

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