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Quick History Of Worminator's Progress

Here, you can check out this fantastic game in the making. It went from junk to pretty kick-butt over the course of just a few years. Be warned, do not be frightened by what you see here. Most of these are just samples of OLDER versions. The newer screen shots look mighty impressive and fun to play. Some of the version numbers were left out...simply because we didn't want to scare away fans...they were too hideous to show.

Worminator 3 / Worminator 32-bit For Windows

Yippee! Brand new high-resolution screenshots from Worminator 3 and 32-bit Worminator for Windows. Most of these screenshots are from development versions of Worminator 3, and show a bunch of new levels, new enemies, new weapons and more! More screenshots to come soon, so stay tuned!

More than likely Worminator 3 will be released when Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines is released, and right now the release date for the new Terminator movie is slated as July 2nd, 2003. We'll release some more screenshots of Worminator 3 and the new version the same day we hope!

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Version 1.0 or something like that...

As seen here, this game is now kicking some major butt! Notice the exploding barrels. The excellent graphics, and the guns. As you can see here, there is a minigun and a shotgun. But this is the LEAST of the worries of the baddies you'll be fighting. The full arraignment contains single and dual rocket launchers, mine layers, laser guns and much more! Also, you will enjoy the visible damage that the Worminator takes and the status bar and so on. The features are endless, but you have to see the game for yourself to indulge in them all!

Picture of Worminator v1.0

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Alpha Version 0.105

This was the last version that we did before we actually started making levels and guns and things. In this version, there were all kinds of nifty things like breakable blocks, and a moving green block that kills you! And water that kills you, and caves that you could go in that would bring you do different places. There were no real major bugs as of this point amazingly enough!

Picture of Worminator Alpha v0.105

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Alpha Version 0.00015

This version only included one thing that was really new. It now had moving platforms that would carry you around and go all over the place. They seemed to interact well. You could shoot or jump or do anything you normally could. However, they were really jerky and it became rather irritating, so they were removed from the game until they were improved.

Picture of Worminator Alpha v0.00015

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Alpha Version 0.0000010

Once again, the game grew with leaps and bounds. In this version, our first enemy was added! See that little brownish ball? It bounces around and even pushes you if it hits you! Also by this point, the controls were also fixed so it was actually playable. On the downside, the bazooka still didn't fire and you couldn't move or shoot the ball. Also, our initial tests with "solid from one side" walls were not as successful as we hoped. They were rather buggy.

Picture of Worminator Alpha v0.0000010

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The Very First Version!

The original version of Worminator was a sad sight indeed. The original Worminator could only use one gun, the shot-gun, which couldn't shoot at this point. On top of all this, the jumping and controls were horrible. The big white blotch on the right side will eventually become the status bar. However, notice the perplexing background and the coke cans. The coke cans were used as a test for power-ups. Truly the first steps toward a great game.

Picture of The Very First Version!

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