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Worminator is the first project that Electroencephalogram Productions decided to release to the public, but it is no the first project that we created. On this page, you will learn of some of the dismal failures of our past. Some of these games were scrapped because they just plain sucked, and others because we didn't know what we were doing at the time and could not finish them. Enjoy!

Martian Max

This loveable huggable little green alien was the hero of Electroencephalogram Productions' first project... if you even dare to call it that. As the story goes, you are a Martian named Max on your way to see your sexy girlfriend "Kurtrina" however, the evil Keithmut sabotages the shuttle bus and it crash lands on an uncharted planet.

With the Keithmut in close pursuit, Martian Max must trek across this planet with no weaponry, using only his logic and his wits to battle his way through endless puzzles and traps. Along the way, he will meet up with "The Three." "The Three" were actually us, the developers. First, you would have run into the evil Keithmut, who originally sabotaged your ship. Using pure brainpower, you would have been able to overwhelm him fairly easily. Second, you meet the God of the world you are trapped on, the Almighty Davetris. You must outsmart this wily programmer of the universe with only your wits and a little help from your pet space caterpillar "George" And finally, when you get back on track and arrive at Kurtrina's house for a steamy night out, she tears off her sexy disguise only to reveal that she is actually the evil vampire lord Kurtador, with his faithful pig employees.

That final fight was going to be a tough battle, but would have been worth it to see the ending of the game. In reality, it was a pretty damned funny story. Also in reality, it was a pretty darn good idea. But sadly, in reality, we couldn't draw nor program worth a barrel of monkeys at the time.

Martian Max Picture

The evil Keithmut, pursuing you throughout the entire game was a deadly foe indeed. I believe he had some neat powers that were rather hard to defeat, but I don't remember them. There was also an XXX rated version that was drawn after a few heated disputes took place, but this is a family page so we can't post it.

If memory serves, this was the almighty programmer of the universe, Davetris. As I recall, he shot lasers out of his eyes in random directions and his face split into multiple projectiles that you would have to skillfully dodge. Truly a great foe.

And finally, the evil vampire lord Kurtador! Unlike the previous two, he didn't have any projectile weapons. He basically would chase you around trying to suck your bloooood... What made him so hard were his minions. Although we weren't able to dig up any pictures of them, I can tell you, his minions were truly deadly enemies. They were little men with pig snouts and smiley faced shirts, who would chase you around with their clubs and try to beat you.

 Martian Max Picture 01 Martian Max Picture 02 Martian Max Picture 03

Worminator 3D

Originally, inspired by Wolfenstein 3-D and Doom, and even Duke Nukem 3-D, we decided that we should jump on the band wagon. We were full of hot ideas and were just rearing' to go! So, our artist, Keith, drew this first person perspective of what it should look like. Unfortunately, we had no idea what the hell we were doing, and this game screen type never was even put in. However, we did make a sort of almost kind of working demo thingy. So, our hopes were high and we began drawing 2-D and 3-D guns for the game.

Browse around below and take a loot at how far we got before we figured that it was a waste of time and would have sucked. =)

Worminator 3D Picture

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