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A Worminator Overview

Worminator is a sidescrolling action game written in the C++ language. It is akin to many Apogee Software and ID Software classic action games such as Duke Nukem and Commander Keen. In it, you play as The Worminator (or as several other optional characters) and fight your way through many levels of madness and mayhem. Worminator features nine unique weapons, visible character damage, multiple supported resolutions, full screen scrolling, sound and music, and much more! Worminator was made from scratch using completely free development tools such as the DJGPP Compiler and the Allegro game library. Now that the game has been completed, it is being provided to you for free!!!

Worminator 3 is the latest version, which adds a new episode to the original Worminator ( all of the original Worminator levels / skins / weapons are available as well ) as well as new tilesets, new enemies, new weapons and a great deal more.

Enjoy the game, and then if you are interested to see how it works or to customize it, download the source code and/or the level editor. You can do basically whatever you want with the game and modify it in almost any form, BUT you must always give us credit for having created the original game. You must always include a message such as "Made With The Worminator Engine" or something along those lines in any project that you use our source code in.

We made Worminator for fun, and it was a great learning experience for everyone on the team. We made some new friends in many areas, and created a really neat game after several years of work. Please send us any feedback or comments you have regarding Worminator, we would love to hear from you! To contact us, you can simply e-mail us at any of the following adresses, depending on who you wish to contact:

David Layne - (Programmer, map reviser, sort of project leader)
Keith Palmer - (Artist, map creator, group weirdo)
Kurtis Palmer - (Map creator, idea generator)
Jeff Nielson - (Artist, map creator, drew stuff too hard to program)
Garret Thomson - (Let us use his MIDIs!)

Worminator Mini FAQ

Q: What video mode should I use?

A: We recommend that you simply have Worminator autodetect video modes for you. However, if this causes the game to crash or run slowly, first try regular VGA, and then the VESA mode. Remember, you pick the video mode when Worminator starts up.

Q: Can I adjust the sound volume?

A: Yes, but not from inside the game. Look in your Worminator folder, and locate the worm.cfg file. Open it up, and adjust the numbers for sound volume and music volume. The values can range from 0 (off) to 255 (maximum).

Q: Can I customize the controls?

A: Right now, no. However, if enough people download the game, we will probably release an update for Worminator. Currently, we expect it to include several new features and options in the engine, as well as some new levels and enemies.

Q: What language was Worminator programmed in?

A: Worminator was written from scratch in C++, and compiled with DJGPP (avalible for free on the net at Worminator also uses the Allegro game library, which is a free add on for DJGPP and is also avalible from the DJGPP website.

Q: Can I have the source code?

A: We plan to release the full Worminator source code soon. Check the site for updates and news regarding source code release.

Q: Do you have a website?

A: Yes, the Worminator website is currently located at

Q: Is there a level editor avalible?

A: Yes, see the Worminator website downloads section for the add on level editor as well as lots of other cool stuff.

Q: I just made an add on map, now how do I run it?

A: Start a new game in Worminator, and then press the F12 key to bring up the load custom map dialogue box. Then, just select the level, press ok, and Worminator will load up the level.

Q: I just used the custom map feature to jump ahead in the campaign game, but the switches don't work and I can't beat the level!

A: Don't use the custom map feature to jump ahead in the campaign game! If you do, the special scripts will not work and you will be unable to finish most of the maps. Also, don't replace the existing campaign maps with different ones, as the scripts will make the levels work improperly. If you want to make your own campaigns with scripts, wait for the source code release.

Q: What different versions of Worminator are avalible?

A: There are two main versions of the game at this time. The first is the full version which is about 16 megs when zipped up, and contains all the movies. The second is the 'stripped' version, which does not include any movies, but still has the rest of the content of the game. This is for people who don't want to download the full 16 meg file. The stripped version is only about 5 megs.

Q: I'm stuck! Help!

A: Try harder. If you still are having a lot of trouble beating Worminator, then try these secret cheat codes to help you out. To use them, simply make sure debug mode is on, and then press the letter for the cheat you want.

D + M + L = Activates debug mode
K + R + P = Deactivates debug mode
G = Give 10 health (if debug mode is on)
W = Give all weapons and ammo (if debug mode is on)

Q: How bout some tips?

A: Ok, here:

-See if you can beat level 1 without using the red key. If so, you can get a super secret in a later level.
-Save your game often!
-Try using many different weapons to conserve ammo. It is usually a good idea to have a little ammo for each gun instead of no ammo for one and a ton for another.
-Rocket explosions will damage you if you are too close.
-Enemy's rocket explosions can damage enemies, not just you.
-Don't give up. Worminator is hard, but possible. In fact, I once beat the game without dying or even being hit!

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