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Worminator Downloads

Here you can find all of the latest updates and downloads for Worminator...actually, you can download just about everything that we've ever done in our gaming/drawing/story writing history.

New Worminator Downloads

Worminator 3!!! ( FilePlanet Registration Required ) - ( About 6.08 megs )
Mirror 1 ( No FilePlanet Registration Required ) - ( About 6.08 megs )
Mirror 2 ( No FilePlanet Registration Required ) - ( About 6.08 megs )
Here it is, at long last, the most amazing, most stupendously awesome game ever created! Over three years in the making, Worminator 3 improves on its predecessor in nearly every respect. There are new levels, enemies, weapons, effects, as well as a slew of new features such as high resolution graphics and 'bullit time' gameplay. Download NOW! What are you waiting for?

Worminator WinAMP Skin!!! - ( About 48.8K )
Here it is, the Official Worminator WinAMP v2 WinAMP Skin! Blast your favorite MP3s in an awesome Worminator WinAMP Skin!

Other Odd Downloads

Here you will find zip files packed with stuff that our artists drew. Many of them make nice desktop backgrounds, and some are just plain weird. Check them out if you have time.

Mechs - Big Robots n' Stuff

Cows - Yes... sadly... it's the common farm animal, the cow...

Nerds - The candy kind. Those cute little things that are always... nevermind...

Misc. Characters - Just funny people / things...

Worm Logos - Worminator Logos or other Logos... very strange...

Legacy Worminator Downloads

Download Worminator v1.1 (Worm32) for Windows (About 0.5 Megs)
This is a upgrade patch that adds a slew of new features to Worminator. Install it on top of an existing installation of Worminator, and run Worm32.exe to begin! This version adds, among other things, high resolution support, difficulty options, and a particle system.

Download Full Version (About 16.2 Megs)
This version contains everything. All the movies, levels, sounds, you name it. However, as the stripped version is identical as far as gameplay goes, this version is recommended only for total Worminator fanatics and users with high speed internet connections.

Download Stripped Down Version (About 3.2 Megs)
This version has all of the movies and fancy stuff omitted. However, it does contain all the same levels, so all you are missing is are the logo movies and the movie at the end of the game. This is the recommended version for most home users without a high speed internet connection.

Download Source Code (About 69K)
This is the complete source code to Worminator. With this and the DJGPP Compiler/Allegro Library, you can modify Worminator in any way you wish. The only terms of use are that you give me credit for making the original game engine in anything you develop from this code. Note that due to the technical nature of this source code, I can not offer any level of technical support with it. Sorry!

Download Level Editor (About 1.5 Megs)
This is the level editing program that was used to create all the maps for Worminator. With this, you can modify the existing maps or create your own from scratch. This program is mostly self explanatory, so with a little experimentation, you should not have any trouble. Once again, no tech support, sorry! :-(

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