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Quick Worminator News

7-02-03 - Worminator 3 is DONE! At long last, after years of delays and setbacks, Electroencephalogram Productions is proud to bring you Worminator 3, just in time for T3! Head over to the downloads page to check the game out ASAP! Remember to e-mail us any feedback you may have. We love to recieve suggestions and constructive criticism. Enjoy!

6-13-03 - A Worminator 3 computer game will be released on the same day as Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines!

06-12-03 - Major website overhaul, new design, new pages, more goodies :-)

1-27-02 - First Public Beta of Worminator v1.1 (Worm32) for Windows 9x/ME/2k/XP

8-09-01 - The New Worminator Website debuts! Please send comments / questions here!

7-10-01 - Worminator Lives! A new version of Worminator is coming soon! Stay tuned...

6-03-00 - Worminator WinAMP skin now available, and various site updates!

5-27-00 - Worminator II now officially under development, various website additions / changes!!!

4-18-00 - Full version of Worminator now available on the downloads page!!!

4-15-00 - Lots of problems with the site fixed, please e-mail me if there are still problems!!!

4-13-00 - Some downloads work now and more content added!!!

4-10-00 - First public release of The Official Worminator Website!!!

3-22-00 - Jeph gets a kick in the arse...

3-15-00 - The levels and story are finalized and ready for release.

3-12-00 - A new story is created to better suit the levels.

3-9-00 - The First Version of Worminator Is Released!

3-8-00 - The Official Worminator Website development starts!

Still A Long Time Ago... - Worminator has progressed to a fairly playable game!

A Long, Long Time Ago... - Worminator is born...

Detailed Worminator News

Yep, that's right! Worminator 3 is nearing release and we hope to release it on the same day as the Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines film is released, July 2nd. Terminator is sorta the basis of our Worminator game, so we figured it'd be appropriate to release the next-gen Worminator game in sync with the new movie. Check back in the next few weeks for the new release. In the meantime, heres a quick run-down of some features that will be included in this upcoming Worminator game.


All the new features implemented in Worm32 v1.1
A grand total of TWENTY different skins now!
Ability for character to duck!
An entire new episode of Worminator to play through!
TONS of new levels with completely new graphics!
TONS of new weapons including: A Chainsaw, Railgun, Nuke Launcher and more!
High-Resolution Level Editor built into the game engine - Make your own levels!

Wow... over a year since the last real update! Well, we've finally completely overhauled the Official Worminator Website, there are lots of updates, a new layout, some updated information and more. Take a look around, and expect some new Worminator news in a few days.

After another long delay (sorry!), Worminator v1.1 (Worm32) is finally complete! This new version is a gigantic improvement over the previous DOS version of Worminator. There are TONS of new features and it is a HUGE improvement over the original Worminator. To use this new version, you must already have a copy of the original Worminator installed. Simply extract the new files into your Worminator directory, and run Worm32.exe to begin! Have fun, and please submit bug reports and comments to: Thanks!


Multiple Resolution Support - from 320x200 all the way to 1600x1200 :-)
FSAA - Full Scene Anti-Aliasing to Remove the Jaggies
Direct X Support - Now Fully Compatible with ALL Windows OS's
Adjustable Difficulty Levels - For you Wimps out there...
New Particle Effects - Cooler Particle Effects for Weapons and such
Game Speed Options - Taylor the game to your Hardcoreness
In-Game Sound / Music Volume Levels - Just what it sounds like...
Cooler Cheat Modes - May Tricks Mode, slow-mo style battles :-)

Now that the new website is complete, we are turning our attention toward completing the new version of Worminator. It will be a HUGE improvement over the current, as it will be Win32 native and will include over 30 new features and options. Also, at this point Worminator II will most likely never see the light of day. We do plan, however, to release a map pack or two for the original Worminator, as well as a small expansion pack. Stay tuned for more details! This site will be updated on a regular basis again.

Well folks, the first official Worminator Winamp skin is now available from the downloads page!!! Head over right now and check it out if you are a Winamp user. To use it, just download it and double click on the file, and it should install itself. I would also like to take a minute to thank some of the websites that have helped us out. Special thanks go out to Blue of Blues News(,, was the Oddball game of the week last week!), and finally and all other sites who have linked to us. You have all helped us out a lot, and the entire Worminator team extends our thanks. Of course, a big special thanks has to go to, for providing us with web and ftp space in the first place. Well, I guess that's all for now... Stay tuned for a new site look and some Worminator II news soon... Over and out.

We are not dead. In fact, we have been working very hard on... Worminator II! That's right, in a few months, we will be releasing a sequel to Worminator, which will include a completely new campaign, as well as many new weapons and enemies. The core engine will be the same, but there will be many new tweaks and enhancements. On a side note, Worminator has more than 10,000 downloads now between CNET's and our own ClassicGaming host. This is a great accomplishment for us, as Worminator is was our first publicly released game, and we would like to thank all those who downloaded the game, and extend a very special thanks to those who send us bug reports and general feedback and comments. Soon, we will add a Worminator II page to this site with more info on what we plan to include in the game as well as what progress we have made.

Today marks the first public release of the Worminator website! Remember, we are still under heavy construction, and not everything is working correctly right now, so please bear with us for a while. Coming very soon, you will be able to download the stripped version of Worminator from the downloads page!

Still A Long Time Ago...
Worminator is really cruising' along now...The version numbers are really racking up! You can see some of the progress by finding the "In The Making" Link but the we've included the older versions in with the full game and we don't want to spoil all of the *Cough* "Fun" of seeing it first hand.

A Long, Long Time Ago...
As we said, The Worminator made his first appearance in "Martian Max." A somewhat primitive game which was pretty damned cool at the time we made it. It never got finished, but you can check the Projects Page to check it out.

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