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Majesty-Dragon: Strategy Articles

Pearly Gates: by Shiny_Pony: Updated May 9, 2002

Here Comes Trouble!!: by Shiny_Pony: Updated December 20, 2000

Thieves and Liars: by Shiny_Pony: Updated November 28, 2000

Building the Perfect Beast: by Shiny_Pony: Updated November 10, 2000

Lord of the Sims: by Shiny_Pony: Updated November 3, 2000

The Ancient Art of Babysitting: by Shiny_Pony: Updated October 23, 2000

Online Majesty DEMO Manual: by Dragon

Mr. Fixit Online (MFO): Strategy Articles

Rangers: by Kitastrophe
Dominating Eldrich Circles: by Kitastrophe
The Adept and the Temple to Lunord: by Kitastrophe
The Monk and The Temple to Dauros: by Kitastrophe
Majesty Priestess: by Kitastrophe & UConnBBall
Majesty Hotkeys: by Kitastrophe & UConnBBall
Unit vs Unit Analysis: by Kitastrophe
Freestyle Settings: by Mr. Fixit
Majesty Sovereign Spells: by Mr. Fixit
Majesty Unit Tables: by Mr. Fixit
Battling Enemy Heroes A lesson in futility: by Mr. Fixit
Waging Magical War: by Kitastrophe
Non-Human Races: by Mr. Fixit & Kitastrophe
Temple Track Choices: by Mr. Fixit

Here's the list of stats for heroes
    Strength (STR):  A character's physical capacity. 
Intelligence (INT):  A measure of a character's smarts. 
    Artifice (ART):  A character's stealth and craftiness. 
    Vitality (VIT):  A character's general constitution. 
  Willpower (WILL):  A character's piety. 
Combat Statistics 
Hand to Hand (HTH):  How proficient a character is at 
                     melee combat. 
            Ranged:  How proficient a character is at 
                     missile combat. 
             Parry:  How proficient a character is at 
                     deflecting melee attacks. 
             Dodge:  How proficient a character is at 
                     evading missiles. 
            Resist:  How proficient a character is at 
                     avoiding harmful magical spells. 

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