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How it all Began
There I was, minding my own business, surfing the web.  As I rifled through the discussion forums at the Mad Gamer's Emporium, I happened to take in a post about this soon-to-be game Majesty by Cyberlore.

I was immediately intrigued.  I hopped the link to the Majesty page and fell under its web.  The graphics, the stories, and the game play took me in.  I was hooked and I hadn't even played the game.

I read the reviews and interviews (the English ones at least) and everything triggered the thought that this game had the potential for greatness.  Thirsting for more, I made my way over to the only "fan" site available only to find it was shut down.  I was aghast.  This was truly a tragedy.

Then I saw that Jay Adan, the Marketing Director for Cyberlore, had actually posted to the original thread on the Mad Gamer's Emporium that had inspired my interest.  Here was my opportunity. 

My mind quickly raced with the ideas for Majesty-Dragon.  I had every intention to make it the one resource for Majesty news and information.  I feverishly worked on the web site for several hours.  Once the general layout was complete, I posted my creation and contacted Jay to get his impressions.

As I expected, Jay was friendly and amicable to the idea.  He was quick to answer questions and provide details on gameplay and progress.  I have to say that he was surprisingly pro-active in this regard.

So here it is, Majesty-Dragon.  Download the files, post to the forums, submit ideas and strategy.  Think of it as your home for everything that is Majesty. 

I hope you enjoy!


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