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Majesty Web Ring
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In the interests of spreading the good word about the game Majesty by Cyberlore, Majesty-Dragon has created a Web-Ring of Majesty related sites.  Each site on the Ring is solely responsible for their individual content.  Majesty-Dragon does not host any other sites beyond itself and only manages the Ring in order that other pages may be more accessible to the gaming public.

How do I join?

Joining the Majesty Web-Ring is easy.  Simply e-mail Dragon your request to become a member.  Be sure to include the URL of your page and your e-mail address.  You site DOES need to be already available at the time of the request.  Majesty-Dragon will examine the site to insure that it meets some level of quality and is capable of generating interest, and of course, the site needs to be exclusively Majesty related.

Foul language, pornography and any other unacceptable (as determined by Majesty-Dragon) or illegal subject matter is subject to having a site banned from the Ring.  We want to spread the good word, not turn people off.

It is preferred that any site on the Ring is maintained and if a site falls to disuse, it may be determined by Majesty-Dragon that it should be removed from the Ring.  The site owner will be notified prior to removal in case there are special conditions that we need to be aware of.

After you join

Once you have been accepted as a member of the Majesty Web-Ring you will recieve an e-mail that will include the Web-Ring link graphics and the html needed to add the appropriate links. 

The Web-Ring html uses a custom java-script to accomplish two things.  (1) It animates the left and right arrows on mouse over and click.  (2) It pulls the next and previous links directly from the Majesty-Dragon home site in order that each member site does not need to manually change the links as each site is added, removed or moved.

It is important that you use the link graphics and html you are provided.  If you are experiencing problems with those, notify Dragon for assistance.  The Web-Ring graphics need to be easy to find on your page.  Somewhere near the top of your main page is preferred, but not required.  These graphics look best on a dark colored or black background.

If you are using frames, it is important that other ring sites ARE NOT loaded into a frame.  Any sight who continues to load other member sites via the web ring link into a frame after being notifed by Majesty-Dragon to make the change, will be removed from the web-ring.  We are supporting each other.  We should treat each member site with respect.

Click Here for Web Ring Member Links
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If you are using Netscape, make sure that the room says '#majesty-dragon' (without the quotes) instead of '#gamespy.'
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