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I have a suggestion for Majesty, who/where can I tell people about it?
At the official Majesty wish list forum.
My rangers guild was destroyed, and I finished another one before they all left, but they still left.
The guild actually does "Adopt" the ranger, but he still leaves. This is most likely a bug in the programing. Hopefully it will be fixed in a patch soon.
What is the highest level hero you can get?
There have been wizards in the 150's, but that probably has been beat. Send me a screenshot of the highest level hero you have (have it show both the level, the hero, and where the hero is. (On the main map) I will continue to post the highest level hero on this page.  (Note: We have a good one which will be posted soon. -Dragon)
Who is Cyberlore?
Direct from Cyberlore's webpage: "Cyberlore Studios' games proclaim a dedication to innovative gameplay, dynamic visuals, and products that are just plain fun! From our seminal project, "Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse" to the best-selling "Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal," gamers have learned to recognize Cyberlore-developed work as outstanding entertainment"
Did you say a Kingdom Sim? What do you mean?
Majesty is a unique kind of god sim. Instead of playing a god manipulating the lives of your followers, you are the sovereign of a kingdom in the mythical land of Ardania. You, as sovereign, dictate the layout of your kingdom, managing how and where you erect special structures. From these structures you recruit adventurers who have their own unique behavior. They are, at no time, under your direct control, but they are under your influence. You have to determine what personality these characters have and discover what will inspire them to complete your quests.
What is the biggest monster in the game?
Rock Golems are the biggest normal monster in the game, but there are many unique monsters. 
When a tax collector dies who gets the money?
If there are any heroes around they get the money, otherwise it disappears.
I’ve heard you can only have one type of temple at a time! That sucks!
Not true, if you get a Krolm temple you can’t have any other, but there are two matching temples that go together, and then another set of temples that will work with any temple except for the other temple and Krolm. (Sound confusing??? I will get a table up soon.) 
What was the inspiration in creating Majesty?
Settlers II, Heroes of Might & Magic II, Warcraft II. 
How do I influence my characters?
As your treasury grows, you will be able to place reward flags for heroes. These flags are bounties that you offer to complete a given task. There are a wide variety of possible tasks, including eliminating a monster, or even finding a lost relic.
Can the player ever take control of the heroes during adventuring?
As with most sims, players can't ever take direct control of the heroes. One of the main features of Majesty is that the heroes are intelligent and able to choose and carry our their own actions. You can attempt to influence them by using rewards placed on key locations or creatures.
Are all heroes essentially good? Can the player opt to build an 'evil' town?
There are no good or evil heroes per se, but each hero class has things which it is aligned with, such as death or life, or the wilderness, etc. The characters in the game are all defined as either heroes, henchmen or monsters. Heroes are the characters that you influence during the game, monsters are your enemies. Heroes may sometimes control monsters through the use of special abilities.
Are all heroes friendly to each other?
Some classes don't get along with each other and you can't have them in the same kingdom. Adepts and Solarii are an example of this. 
Can your town be attacked by monsters from time to time?
Your town will be attacked occasionally by wandering bands of monsters. You can defend yourself by building guardhouses, auto-firing ballista towers (if dwarves are present) or wizard's towers to cast spells at marauding monsters. Also if you have a Wizard's Guild, you can blast the monsters yourself using the spells that this guild provides for you (for a price).
Is there any form of random map generator, or only pre-build maps?
All scenarios are semi-random by design, so that they can be replayed many times. For example, if you play 'Hold off the goblins' the objective and many map items will be the same, but the layout and the geography will vary from game to game. In addition, there is a freestyle game editor which will allow you to choose from a number of options such as Starting Force, Enemy Force, Map Style. The computer uses your selections to create a new quest.
Cool, how will that all work in Multiplayer?
When a multiplayer game begins the the objective is chosen at that time. It could be destroy all monsters, amass the most gold, destroy your opponent's kingdom(s), etc. The game itself will be symbiotic and as competitive as the players choose to make it. When you place reward flags, any character will respond to the call if they are: 

    1.Capable of performing that task 
    2.Feel that your reward is appealing. 

The responding character just might belong to another player! If that happens, your task is completed, but the other player's economy will grow, as that adventurer brings your reward back home.

Any form of co-op multiplay (more players playing the same 'side')? 
The basic form of the multiplayer game is styled to be symbiotic and cooperative. Your heroes will use the other player's buildings if appropriate. At the same time there is nothing forcing you from being aggressive to your neighboring kingdoms if that is your style.
Can players attack another players' city?
Players can put attack flags on each other's pieces, thereby trying to influence heroes to attack. Again, when you place a flag you are leaving the reward there for ANY hero to claim. A hero with a low enough loyalty to his sovereign might just choose to attack his own kingdom's palace if the reward were great enough.
What is the game resolution going to be?
Majesty will be at 800x600 resolution in 16-bit color.
Is there a demo available? 
Yes, there is. You can grab it from our site here (click the DOWNLOADS button on your left). It's a little over 45 megs and contains a level that will not be included in the final release version of the game. It should give you a good feel for what the final game will be like without giving away all of the surprises that we have in store for you. You can also get the demo on CD in the February 2000 issue of COMPUTER GAMES MAGAZINE, and it can be purchased for a couple bucks at many local retailers such as Electronics Boutique.
When will the game be released?
It's out now.
Will there be walls?
No, Unfortunately due to path-finding restraints wall's cannot be implemented into the game.
Ok, but will there be towers?
Yes, You can build towers, although it is a expensive way to defend your town due to the how the cost of buildings works.
Huh? How does the cost of buildings work?
Every time you building a building the next one of the same type cost more. Most buildings don't start to get really expensive until the 4th one.  Although guild building costs skyrocket… Wizard Towers and Ballista towers always cost the same.
I heard the game is going gold or is a gold candidate, what does this mean?
A "Gold" candidate means it is being sent to publisher (Hasbro) to check for bugs and to see if everything is all right with it.   "Gone Gold" means it is being sent to the presses! They are duplicating the original CD which is sometimes gold-colored (where the name is derived from). Once its "Gone Gold" it should be about 4 weeks until it hits the stores.  Since the game has released, we are well past the "Gold" stage at this time.
How many heros/monsters are there in the game?
Check the World section on the Official Majesty Website for the full info, but there are a lot of monsters and heros.
How hard do the quest’s get? The demo was a piece of cake!
The full game gets MUCH harder. 
Where can I get this game?
Most online stores such as EBWorld,, Chips and Bits, etc and your local software store have it… Its out now!
I have a question not answered in this F.A.Q.  Who can I get the answer from?
Email me at
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