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" The Wraith is a large, ethereal form, armed with a scythe, that glides menacingly over the terrain.
Wraiths prefer to avoid combat unless they find themselves too close to an enemy, in which case they will attack."

alignment: chaos

picks up
can't eat

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experience promotions

chief - "teleport"

At the point of death a wraith chief will teleport to a nearby location and its health will be restored. However, it will be demoted and therefore lose the ability until it is promoted again.

lord - "invisible allies"

A Lord wraith will cause any allies within a given range to become invisible, as though Wraiths (ie. become visible when fighting). They will also become visible when the Lord Wraith is engaged in combat, thus their invisibility is linked directly to the Lord Wraiths invisibility. They will become visible again when wraith is out of range or is killed or is fighting.

tips and tactics

using wraiths

Wraiths have a dual role in battles. They make good scouts due to their invisibility, but in attack they can dissipate an enemy force, taking them completely by surprise.

Depite the fact that they should logically be, wraiths are NOT hoverers. They can only travel like foot soldiers :(

defeating wraiths

Wraiths can be seen when in close range.

An upgraded griffin can spot wraiths, and make them visible to your troops.

Being undead AND chaos, wraiths are particularly vunerable to both bury and judgement, perfectly used in area you suspect a wraith to be.

alternative spell choices

A wraith's definining invisibility property makes it similar in behavior to a giant spider. It is however much more powerful.

The spell ingredient tourmaline can produce the spells:
  • wraith,
  • invisibility and
  • magic eye.

  • ingredient


    The common theme between these spells is invisibility, with wraiths naturally exhibiting the effect, and magic eye being an invisibility tracker. All three are useful spells to have, but invisibility is a must-have spell. The wizard is so important to protect that invisibility and/or teleport ahould always be on hand.

    Got a wraith tactic? let us know!