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" The vampire is a hideous humanoid creature that preys on the living, thirsting to drink their blood. It is a very magical creature, which allows it to change into bat form. Undead. "

fast when flying
picks up (not in bat form)
vunerable to fire

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experience promotions

chief - "transfusion"

The vampire's bite will restore health to the vampire equivalent to damage inflicted (if the victim is flesh bearing).

lord - "raise dead"

The lord vampire gets the raise dead spell to use against creatures that have been killed recently.

tips and tactics

using vampires

Vampires are little use in conventional attack, but combined with other creatures they can reap a rich harvest from the battle dead.

The vampire will transforming into a fat, hovering bat when moving significant distances.

The vampire is also a great morph target for wizard because it hovers, (hence, unlike flyers, no death occurs if droping to the ground when caught by gorgon stare) and is fast, making it an excellent way to get around picking up mana sprites.

defeating vampires

Vampires are particularly vulnerable to fire.

alternative spell choices

Vampire is a medium range creature, with hovering abilities like a faerie or wraith.

The spell ingredient bloodstone can produce the spells:
  • vampire,
  • bloodlust and
  • subversion.

  • ingredient


    All three spells here are offensive. Bloodlust is rarely used. It can produce the ultimate strength army for a moment, but it requires a lot of housekeeping due to requiring many shots (being a of a timed duration). A vampire is a very cheap troop, extremely versatile and an excellent morph target. However, subversion is the spell of choice here. Even when things seem hopeless, you can subvert a creature which suits your tactics, or already has good tactical positioning, and get back into the game. Subversion is one the most enemy-annoying moves available - neither vampire nor bloodlust can reproduce the same level of howling from your human opponent...

    Got a vampire tactic? let us know!