battle tactics

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So you've deicided to play a battle. Good choice.

setting up

Your first choice is your wizard.
You want to pick a fast, agile wizard, preferably with a long range attach weapon such as a bow.
Therefore Vex is a good choice.
But for other options, click here.

with your charcter options set up
you move on to the portmanteau to pick your spells.
It is a good idea before picking spells to decide on your game tactics - see playing the game.

finally you'll need some non-summoning spells to compliment your spell armoury.
You'll want some offensive spells like dragon's breath or meteor shower
And you'll want some defensive spells like teleport or heal to get your wizard out of trouble

you'll need some summonable spells to produce creatures
Options here include the inexpensive but fast paced skeleton,
the mediumly expensive, but strong and agile minotaur,
and the very expensive but devastating dragon.
But for more options and tactical choices, click here.

playing the game

There are 2 recognised styles of play, which are more usefully decided prior to choosing your spells.
  • defensive wizard (uses more summonble spells)
  • offensive wizard (uses more non-summoning spells)

defensive wizard
A defensive wizard will hide, and attempt to take control of the map (places of power) with summonable creature spells, saturating the landscape with creatures. This approach is more usual in the inexperienced player.

offensive wizard
An offensive wizard will go on the hunt for other wizards. The mobility of the wizard means that spells can be used, however the wizard is more vunerable to attack. This approach is particulary useful in scenarios where the creature count has been set low.

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