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" Morph allows the wizard to change into ANY standard creature (friendly or otherwise, but not promotions) that are in range of a friendly unit.
The wizard keeps only it's health + mana levels, and ability to cast spells. Everything else is inherited from the morph target - attack and defense strengths, speed, locomotion type, pickup and eating ability, etc.
Here's where it get's messy...
They do not inherit special abilities, such as dryad tree hugging or alignment, but do inherit vampire bite and wraith invisibility!
Finally, and the illusion will only last for a set period of time.

very versatile

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tips and tactics

using morph

Where do we start...

By the vary nature of the spell, uses are as varied as the total properties of all the different creatures. So the first tactic is to make sure you have other creatures in your spell collection for skill you want to use.

A very common tactic is to morph your wizard into an eagle and get your wizard around the map quickly, and over oobsticles.
Or morphing into a faerie or vampire is a quick way to get around picking up mana sprites.

If you wizard is being attacked by a single enemey creature, why not morph into your attacker and attack back (your health will generally be higher).

A further tactic is to hide your wizard within a similar group of creatures.

The player can use the wizard portrait to turn a morphed wizard back to his original form.

defeating morph

Like any other enchantment spell, disenchant can be instantly removed with the area effect disenchant.

Disenchanting a wizard, flying in the form of a morphed dragon or other flying creature, will cause the wizards to fall to the ground. If the wizard changes back when over invalid terrain for the creature (like flying over deep water), then it will gain damage.
Better still, gorgon stare would make the stone wizard fall to it's death!

A wizard, even if morphed, is still represented by a cross hair on the scanner - so he is not as camoflagued as he thinks - doh!

alternative spell choices

morph is ultimately unique.

The spell ingredient fly agarric can produce the spells:
  • summon harpy,
  • morph and
  • summon centaur.

  • ingredient

    fly agarric

    Harpies are extremely useful collectors but very poor troops.
    Centaurs are also collectors, but what they lack in flying ability, they more than make up for in speed and attack strength. However morph has varied enough uses to make it top choice in this triplicate.

    Got a tactic? let us know at tips@magicandmayhem.co.uk