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battle mode description

Magic and Mayhem: the Art of Magic presents BATTLE MODE!

Despite a single player campaign, the real star of Magic and Mayhem: The Art of Magic is battle mode, which allows players to compete against each other in singular battles.

  • single or multiplayer - battle 7 AI or human opponents over LAN or the internet
  • multiple win conditions - compete in a timed game, or over a number of lives
  • 20+ spellcasters - choose a wizard based on unique profiles
  • 54 spells - enter the arena with your choice of 22 summonable creatures or 34 spells
  • 20+ true 3D landscapes - zoom, scroll and pan using the 360-degree camera

    Vary the options, and find out who has truly mastered the Art of Magic. More details.
  • single player options screen
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    are you ready to master the art of magic? tips and tactics here