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The Guts - Page 3

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January 31, 2001

7:00pm Update! David Frank sent me the schematics for the 2600 this evening - Thanks Frank! I really appreciate it! Now I can start my CE board design!

I did do the scariest thing yet last night - I removed the Stella, RIOT, and 6507 chips from the Junior board. I needed to for two reasons: I needed to trace circuits that ran underneath the Big Three, and I wanted to see just how tough it would be to remove them, since the plan will have me transplanting them (the only parts not available at Radio Shack) onto a new board.

It really wasn't bad at all - I had to make sure every pin was completely free of the hole it sat in (just a little solder left would make the pins catch). Anyway, I'm extremely confident that removing these chips from any Atari board will not be a problem for assembly.

Here's a peek at the components that I'm using for my prototype. Most of whaich I'll likely use in the final versions, except the perfboard will be replaced by an etched circuit board.

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