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The Case - Page 2

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This is basically my starting point for the wax sculpting. I started with a Pyrex lasagna pan and filled it with hot wax, then let it cool and harden overnight.

You can see a couple of guides that I drew to lay out the block, and I've already taken a hunk off of the bottom.

I'm using an extra Space Invaders Cart for scale, and later to mold the cartridge slot.

At this point I'm taking a large amount of wax from either side of where the screen will be.

The top of the "T" shape will actually become an angled piece to hold the power, select, reset, and difficulty switches - in a manner that will be very reminiscent of the classic Atari 2600 console.

You can see the cartridge sticking out from underneath - this is about how far the cartridge will stick out.

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