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Z:Steel Soldiers Structures

Radar Station: Most people tend to build (or capture) just one radar around their command center and forget about this unit. This is not always wise if you're playing a long game and have a very important outpost. Remember the mobile radar jammer has very limited range compared to the radar station, and if you can detect enemy units coming you'll have enough time to better arrange your troops and call in your airforce to help your static defenses.

Research Facility: Research in Z:SS is not as important as in other games, since they don't add new functionality to the units, but they're a wise resource investment when you have some extra cash to build the facility up. With the 3 extra levels of unit armour and damage your units get around 40% more efficient, and since this works for all units on the map, 2500 is not that much cash for each upgrade. Specially noticeable is the performance increase of the units after the speed upgrades - if you think toughs are too good, you ain't seen them speed up :). The single best unit after the upgrades, specially speed and armour ones, is the attack chopper. Those things get pretty wild, and if the enemy is not prepared for that you'll toast him in no time.

Teleport: A Teleport costs a lot, takes ages to build and tons of cash, so use them sparsely, preferrably in big maps with very low accessibility (ie. many bridges, very cliffy terrain, etc).
A good strategy with teleports, if you get one up, is to send 2 shockwaves and 2 toughed APCs right next to your enemy base and make some serious damage, probably even win the match. Don't send a lonely pyro or APC. That'll just make the enemy know you have a teleport and send all his air force to take it down, then by pure math he'll know you don't have enough troops to face him (since you've spent so much time and resources on a teleport) and *steamroll* you.
Single unit teleporting is nice to send a spy to the enemy territory when he's not allowing you bridge access, and constantly patrolling his coast. When players trust on that they generally prefer covering their limits with AA sites instead of building anti-missiles, getting vulnerable to bombing - that's when spy teleporting can prove a deadly tactic.
Anyway, this is obviously a structure for long games.

Refinery: Never - ever - build this unit at the beginning of a match thinking it's a wise investment for your initial cash. It isn't. You'll run out of resources to build the vital initial troops to form your front line(s). A refinery takes really long to build, but if you're already stablished, have some extra cash to spend and not enough troops to attack, building a refinery is a good option. After it's built the extra 20% credit income will generaly mean at least one more factory running with the same territories. It's a good idea using multiple builders to get it up faster.

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Mike Montgomery

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