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Z:Steel Soldiers Defenses

Anti-Tank Gun: As mentioned at the strategies section, the Anti-Tank Gun is excellent in packs of three, but you can count on it in "single mode" to give vision range (LOS) slightly superior to the tough - ie. very good - to other units like the mortar. BTW, you already know that mortars are the best mobile defense in the game, dont ya?

Bunker: Bunkers are extremely efficient when occupied by toughs, if you want to add some snipers to take incoming vehicles, better keep them close to the bunker but out of it, and set them to defense mode to stop them from running into enemy fire. Up to patch 3 there's absolutely no reason to use any other unit inside the bunker other than toughs, except for the early game when you generally don't have toughs available. Guarding the bunkers with one or two c-robots behind them (considering the probable enemy attack direction) will extend your bunker lifetime sensibly if you have cash when it's attacked. This will generally buy you more time to eject the toughs on the right moment, if necessary.

Anti-Air Site: Beyond their well-know anti-aircraft efficiency, the AAs have the best vision range of all structures, equal to the spy LOS, so adding at least one in outposts is a wise idea. If you want to defend from attack choppers, don't count on a single one, go for two or three slightly appart on each spot that you want to defend. If you notice the enemy choppers are having extra efficiency than what they're used to, be warned: speed and armour upgraded attack choppers can easily win games by themselves, so try to upgrade your structures armour to stand a chance.

Defence Tower: If the enemy is investing prioritarily on toughs, which's very common these days, a single defence tower with 6 toughs will stop him for sure and make him rethink his strategy. As in the bunker case, guarding it with c-robots is very wise. Differently from the bunker, though, at least one sniper up there is very valuable. Anyway, always try to surround your defence towers with snipers on defensive. Another great combo is one shield generator and one toughed defence tower - really wicked, and keeps your snipers safe while they "unnocupy" the enemy mortars!

Gun Platform: Damage and damage radius slightly inferior to the heavy gun, and more range than a heavy tank, the gun platform is one of those expensive things that make you think: "is it worth it"? Well, as most things that makes you think otherwise in this game, it is, if you use them RPRT (right place, right time). We can easily make a parellel between the gun platform / defense tower and anti-tank / bunker cases - except that the Gun Platform is a great AA structure. Question to have in mind: can you really afford the building time of 6 toughs to properly populate a defence tower? If you're on offensive, you'll need every single unit on your main attack group, not on your defense or back line. And there's also the unit limit consideration we mention on the strategy guide. Sorry, there's no rule of thumb for the gun platform, it vastly depends on available resources and map design, so only experience (and our forthcoming multiplayer maps guide :] ) will be able to tell you what's the RPRT for it. Ok, one small tip: whenever you have some cash room, put one up close to your command center and near the main access to it.


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Mike Montgomery

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