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Z:Steel Soldiers Storyline

509 years of conflict between the Megacom Corporation and Transglobal Empires looked set to end at midnight when troops from both sides pulled out from contested territory on the planet Rigal. The move is the combination of a historic peace initiative brokered personally by Commander Keeler and Transglobal's premier, Commander Rieman.

Rigal is a traditional favoured posting for the army's least capable soldiers, a place where everyone seems to be getting along just fine. Well not exactly. A cease-fire has been grounded along the DMZ and all personnel are under strict orders not engage.

Commander Rieman, believing he brokered the new era of piece and understanding, is understandably proud. Captain Zod, afraid of spending eternity working security in a two-bit shopping mall has not taken kindly to the notion of a new era of peace and understanding. Following a recent court martial judgement, Zod, hawkish ex-General in the MegaCom Forces, has been busted back down the ranks all the way to Captain. As such, he's been put in charge of the furthest flung outpost in the MegaCom Corporation, a dung-heap of a posting for those robots with zero career prospects.

As for his own men, he loves them like a surrogate family, and regardless of their shortcomings as a modern fighting force, he would do anything to protect them.

All is quiet on the border, too quiet. Suddenly the radio crackled into life. It was Brad reporting from Sector 12 that they'd spotted some unidentified personnel in the prohibited zone. Zod, aware that they shouldn't even be running patrols out there ignores orders from command HQ and decides to let Brad and Clarke cross the border to investigate.

An exasperated Lassar panics whilst Zod is confident they won't do anything to jeopardise the peace agreement, as he calls brad on the radio. Nothing. Zod presses the transmit button again, but only sounds of long bursts firing from machine guns, and tracer fire ricocheting all around. Brad is roaring like a bull, the noise of gunfire and explosions is deafening but ZOd's voice can be heard cracking from Brad's radio.

"Brad? Claaarke? Patrol this is base, do you read me over? Goooodammit.....!"







Mike Montgomery

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