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Z & Z Expansion
 System Req.

Z & Z Expansion F.A.Q.

Q - How can I make the units that my factories produce head straight to a given point (rally point in Z:SS)?
A - Lack of rally points are a serious drawback in the original Z gameplay - it just wasn't created on that time. To move your produced units quickly to the battle fronts, get used to cycle through your factories [F3], hit [A] and send them to the front using the minimap.

Q - Why sometimes I click a single unit and a group of units is selected? I don't get it..
A - Actually, Z has a very ingenious and original method of forming groups. Once you bounding-box-drag a group of units, that's it, they're grouped! Now everytime you select one of those units, the whole group will be selected. To disband a group, simply hit DELETE.

Q - The fast units just can't keep close enough to the slower units to make them effective. Is there any way to make formations in Z?
A - Yeah, a pretty clever one indeed. Hold down the [Shift] key while you drag the bounding box and the faster units will constantly "wait" for the slower ones so that everybody in the group get to the destination together.

Q - How the heck can one computer light tank beat two mediums tanks I had? That's cheating isn't it?
A - Not really. Z combats have a big "random factor" on them, similar to RPG games. Obviously 90% of the times the situation you described will work the other way around, but there are just some times when you'll run out of luck. Sometimes frustrating, but really fun, specially when luck smiles to you and not to your opponent =D

Q - What does those grunts work for anyway??
A - Try piles of them grouped with a heavy tank, it's quite impressive. And no matter how many times the enemy snipe your heavy tank, you'll always have those cheap units to make your expensive one keep going. Other than that, don't ask, after all they removed the grunts from Z:SS, didn't they?

Q - How can I install Z Expansion on Windows 2000??
A - There's currently no known way. Except BB decide to wipe the dust from their original Z and make some kind of patch or workaround to it, you'd better stick to good'ol Win98 to play the good'ol Z =)





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