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Steel Planet News Archives

December, 2001

Happy New Year!

Maddox has disappeared! Well, we don't know where he is.
I finally figured out how to get in to post news is news, sort of. Those of you who are familiar with Maddox being on ICQ should now realize he isn't. Myself, I have uninstalled the hacker's wet dream due to a major system invasion and ICQ's incompatibility with Windows XP. Yes, I got XP. For anyone out there needing help or general info on Z:SS or even XP, talk to me. Look me up on MSN Messenger as and I'll be happy to help!

Still no news from BB on the editor. If anyone from BB is reading this, give us the editor! Please!

Fastest game ever?

Not that I really like publishing this type of screenshot, but CV urged me to post this:

..insisting that it was the fastest online game ever. I'm not sure 'coz I'm a structured progress player, but that's probable. And since the defeated publicly declared on the forum that he was unbeatable, I think it's fair proving otherwise ;)
On a side note, we're still waiting for any official info about WWII: D-Day to Berlim. Anxiously!

New Z:SS Team Project Unveiled

It's not 100% accurate info, according to our sources, but word has been spread out about the new game under development by the Bitbros' RTS division: WWII - D-Day to Berlin. This is the info we've got:

The veteran coders turn their attention away from combat of the future to
the battles of the past with a brand new World War II-based title.
World War II: D-Day To Berlin is described as a "real-time action
strategy" game, which naturally puts us in mind of the Bitmap Brothers'
other entry in this neglected genre, Z - Steel Soldiers. Whether the two
games will share a visual style or not is yet to be confirmed as the game's
publisher, Codemasters, is being very tight-lipped about details.
Nonetheless, our man at today's Codefest 2002 event - Codemasters' annual
champagne and twiglets get together in London's swanky Docklands area -
managed to prise a few details from Michael Hayes, the Britsoft publisher's
marketing director, in between cornering the waiter for more drinks.
As the title indicates, the game is set during the closing months of the
war, with around thirty single-player missions taking you from the D-Day
landings at Normandy through to the final push on Berlin. Set in stone as
the historical background is, the game is unlikely to feature much in the
way of dynamic campaign branching, the gameplay more likely to take the form
of a linear series of battles.
The title also seems to indicate an emphasis on large-scale conflicts, with
your role in the single player game being the allied commander in charge of
each theatre. Add to this mix multiplayer support for up to eight armchair
generals and it's safe to assume that each game is likely to take on almost
epic proportions.
WW2 represents the first time the two 'giants' of the Britsoft scene have
worked together and could be a much needed boost for the Bitmaps' profile,
various console incarnations of the Speedball licence failing to give the
team the same levels of recognition they enjoyed in the 16-bit era.

The Bitmaps promissed us some more accurate info on the following days, so stay tuned on Steel Planet for all new info on this exciting new Bitbros' release!

November, 2001

Z: Steel Soldiers Team changes

We've finally got news about Z:SS! The Z:SS team undergone some changes: Graham Sergeant is now a Reflections' employee and should be replaced really soon; Jamie Whitworth and Antony Bowler are the Bitmaps recent acquisitions, for junior level designer and junior programmer respectively. Neil Jones-Rodway is now lead level designer and is working hard on the new updated editor. Apparently Bitmaps have some unresolved release issues for the editor, but they're really interested on getting it out. Even better news is that they're working hard on a new and unannounced project which should be made public at the end of november. As always, you'll find all info on Steel Planet first!

EON on the way out!

Erm.. can't say I'm sad for it. Actually I'm relieved! Sorry for the sincerity guys, but your distribution and support work for Z:Steel Soldiers was lame and pitifull. I say that out of the frustration of a player who loves a fantastic game that was severely hurt by release pressures and then abandoned by EON like a ripped-off safe. Thanks god the Bitmaps stood by their players' side as good as a small company can.
Check this link. And if you're still not sure about it after you read the thread, let me tell you I have an actual insider info: it's true! [Don't worry man, I won't quote you ;) ]

Unit Guide Update

While there's no sign of anything new Z:SS-related from their creators (hope Speedball Arena is really good to justify all the suffering you guys are causing us), I've updated the robots Z:SS unit guide section of the site. It had important enhancements with some minor but not widely known details, improving what it's certainly the best Z:SS unit guide on the net. So read and enjoy it!

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