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Steel Planet News Archives

October, 2001

New Patch and Map Editor news

Ok, NeilJ tried to spread the flu throughout the Bitbro's office, but most of them survived to keep on working. Seriously, I'm really happy that Neil Jones-Rodway, one of the Z: Steel Soldiers designers, finally got to answer my mail, and since it's so important and awaited stuff I had to share it with you guys. Here's what he had to say:

For the past month or so we've all been tied up with design and plan stuff for another project - this is why we've been fairly quiet, but it's been important that we get that done.
This is pretty much done now, so hopefully we can also sort out exactly what we're in a position to do regarding Steel Soldiers and the editor. I'll let you know soon...
Neil. a.k.a. Arnel

I'm sure I do it in behalf of all Z:SS fans worldwide when I thank you for your support, Neil.

Bitmap Brothers news

Finally got a word out of BBs, specifically from Kolin Tregaskes, their very kind webmaster. Apparently mails to the top heads are hard of actually being read due to their very scarse spare time, which's perfectly normal. Kol was also the one to 'blame' for the original requests of Gamespy Arcade fixes. His words follows:

(...) we had someone complain about this, but I can't really do much about external sites, so had to contact Gamespy about this. Found a few other things wrong as well, the link when you go into the Z: SS lobby in GameSpy Arcade was wrong, the link from the Z: SS page on GameSpy was going to the old links and GameSpy Arcade doesn't detect Z: SS if installed if you have any other version besides the US one. I hope all these should be fixed by GameSpy (awaiting news on the latter).
No news on a new patch as yet, but as always our site will have any news
there first.

For my experience I know that if you search for new games on Gamespy Arcade, after installing the british language version, it won't immediately show up. Closing GSA and launching it again generally solve the problem.
Thanks a lot for your support, Kol!

Steel Planet Banner into rotation

Our very own banner is finally running on the Gamespy Network, with more than 10,000 impressions per week which's quite a lot of exposure. There's it:

As always, you can express your oppinions about it on our Steel Forum.

Patches 1.41b links updated II

Thanks to Silverdawn help, FilePlanet links have been fixed, and older patches links were removed to avoid confusion between newbies. Our links section is now pointing to the FilePlanet links and to Inthexis mirror files, so you can choose your fastest download route (if you have a fileplanet personal server account gamespy will very probably be a faster option).

One month of silence

Silence from Bitmap Brothers studios about Z:SS lately has been a bit disheartening... I'm still trying to get some fresh info for you guys about the next patch and the very needed fixes and small improvements.

Patches 1.41b links updated

Due to the technical difficulties of obtaining the essential patch 1.41 files from FilePlanet, we've changed our links to the files on the Inthexis mirror on the domain. Up to now, only the US, UK, Italian and Spanish versions are available on his web server, so the other language versions still links to the FilePlanet files. We'll keep you informed about it.

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