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Z & Z Expansion
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Z & Z Expansion: Strategy Guide


Taking territories - First thing is, learn how to grab flags quickly using the minimap. Remember that when you send robots to grab territories you don't have to click right over the flag, since the robots ai is smart enough to know that grabbing flag is a very high priority. So, try to set your initial orders without panning at all, just selecting the robots and clicking over the white points (flags). Try to send the robots across different directions to grab as much territory as possible, and take into account their speeds. For example, if you have one sniper unit group and one grunt unit group, send the sniper to the furthest and most important territory (4- or 5-starts) so you can start producing as fast as possible. The grunt group would be sent to grab nearby territories and abandoned weaponry ASAP.

Moving around - Second, you must be proficient at moving across the map using the right mouse button. Forget arrow keys if you want to stand any chance in Z. Set your mouse speed, Hold that RMB and pan around like a madman. Also keep a look at the minimap. Contrasty red points over blue territories or vice-versa certainly means trouble.

Defining your frontier - Tanks are a totally different story from robots in Z. You must think about them as your early game serious defense units. Send them tactically to protect your must-have territories, and remember they're also very important to surprise your enemy in territories they don't expect you to attack very early. In short: if you only see a few robots there, tank-raid them. If the territory is a 1-star one, try to capture and keep it. If it's a 2-star and beyond, it's generally wiser to destroy its factory, since the enemy will throw all it's got to take it back.

To LOS or not to LOS? - There is no line of sight in Z, everything can be seen all the time. That should be used to your advantage, or the enemy will use it against you. What this mean is - learn to move fast and pre-plan your actions and specially slow units movement, to gain yourself some time to take a look at your enemy units. Keep special interest in where the enemy is moving his medium and heavy tanks, since they're battle-winners by themselves.

First things on front - Try to build quantities in your front line territories and quality in your back territories. Of course there is the psychological factor of the enemy seeing many units and becoming unconfident, but there are some much more important reasons. First, the tanks are very efficient while standing ground, so position them spread and covering each other firing range (something I call v-formation). Second, if the enemy takes your territory he'll be capturing (or you'll be cancelling) some cheap and quick production. Third, if the enemy progress towards your back territories, you'll have extra time to manage troops to defend it and maybe even get the costly unit out before the enemy gets there.

Repair often - Use and abuse from your repair facilities. Hit and run tactics are very effective when coupled with retreat and repair actions, specially because building takes so much building time and repair is reasonably quick.

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Mike Montgomery

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