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Z:SS Strategy Guide: General Techniques

Groups: Making groups in Z:SS is much more important than in many other games due to the report messages. Sometimes the leadcam won't report some attacks you're receiving or you'll be too distracted to notice it. If you have a group formed for every battle front, you'll immediately know what's happening and where without losing focus on what you're doing. A female computer voice will warn you with, say, "Group 6 under attack". Double-hitting the 6 key will move you immediately there. Thinking about it, where does that sexy female voice comes from? Maybe the command center. Hmm.. that's probably why, differently from Z, you can't invade the command center in Z:SS. :)

Remote building: Learn to use construction groups to quickly put your structures up as soon as your territories are set - and your economy allow it. If you're used to TA or TA:Kingdoms like myself, you'll probably try to set some c-robots to guard a single one, and set this last one as your construction group. Don't! Not always the "helper" ones will help in your construction or repair order. It's actually much simpler, simply select all c-robots and form the group. Whenever you select the construction group, just hit [TAB] and select the desired unit to build - all the units will help in its construction. The reason why it couldn't be done this way in TA is that as soon as more than one unit was selected the building options wouldn't show up, while in Z:SS since there are only c-robots in the group, their construction options show up.

APC colonization: As you know, only robots can pick flags in Z:SS. What should you do to grab flags using an APC, specially island flags? Easy. Put at least one robot inside the APC. With it still selected, click besides the desired flag. holding the SHIFT key (queue orders), you'll notice the cursor changed from move to unload. Click right next to the flag. Forget about the APC and continue playing. As soon as the APC gets close to the flag, it'll unload its crew, which will automatically grab the flag thanks to the Z:SS ai. No need to keep worried about when it'll do it, since the game will warn you with the "territory captured" sound message. To gain even mor e time, as soon as you hear it simply click on its event message (you'll see it written in the message window) and the viewport will move to the captured flag. Select everything (no need to deselect the APC), click on the APC to load everybody in it and repeat the process.

One APC automatic unloads a robot which automatically capture the flag. Cool :)

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Mike Montgomery

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