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Z:SS Strategy Guide: Combat Techniques

Stop-Move: If you're a fast clicker you can take advantage of the projectiles slow speed. Learn which units "predict" their shots, and dribble them. Yeah, dribble. A great example is the heavy gun. That thing's shot is amazingly strong and its range is very high, making the heavy gun easily wipe out most attacks - *if* its units moves linearly. To easily put down one lonely heavy gun (ie. nothing around it to help), simply move a fast unit, say, a jeep or a light tank in its direction, and instead of letting it move by itself, everytime you see the heavy gun shoot, slightly change your unit direction - but still progressing towards the target. What happens? Since the heavy gun calculated your direction and speed at the moment of the shot, it'll miss the shot because you moved the unit somewhere else after the prediction. There are two things you must keep in mind while using this technique: terrain and splash area. Of course if you have to climb over a tight path to get to the heavy gun, you'd better stop, since you don't have any other direction that gets you closer to your target and away from the shot's splash area. Anyway, this is a valid technique that works against mortars and medium/heavy tanks. Unhappifully it's severely detracted by the click-move lag that's inherent to Z:SS 3D pathfinding calculations (more in the Z:SS FAQ section).

Who told you heavy guns don't miss their shots?

Move-Shoot: Robots can't move and fire at the same time. Differently from the tanks, they have to stand ground to start attacking something. You must keep that in mind at every combat, because it's crucial to maximize the projectile units (mortar, medium and heavy tanks) performance. For example, if you have just one mortar and make it right, you can kill piles of toughs if you have LOS. How? Simply keep moving the mortar slightly away from the toughs at each shot it fires. Everytime the toughs get in range they'll take a split-second to aim its weapon, and then it's time to move your mortar again. Meanwhile you kill the toughs along the large mortar plasma shots' splash radius. It works like a charm, too bad the click-move or the internet lag makes it a hard technique to get the grip of.

1) Come toughs... 2) die toughs... 3) Back to 1! :)

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Mike Montgomery

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