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DVE The original Vectrex emu...
The DVE project began a couple of years ago with programmer Keith Wilkins and is now being continued by Chris Salomon. Chris has retired from doing major work on it, but little fixes appear every now and again.

DVE 2.0 beta 12
Don't let the 'beta' moniker fool you. This is an very stable, seemingly finished program (as emulators go). It's a big download, but it's well worth it. If you're computer has the speed (my p233 can play games at near 190% speed, especially with the GUI offscreen) and the hard drive space, then this is not only the best program, but the most user-friendly and easiest to set up...

DVE 1.40
Faster. smaller. leaner.  If your computer can't handle 2.0 than 1.40 is still a lot of fun. It doesn't have a GUI or support joystick or contain the ROMS, the overlays, or the help files, but these are small hurdles...

BTW, be careful downloading 2.0 anyplace other than here or the official 2.0 page. Some pages may still host older, less stable betas.


MESS Another great Vectrex emu...
MESS is a new emulator with a lot of potential, and it also will emulate some ancient classic systems that no other emulator has tackled. It's nice to know that the future of Vectrex emulation doesn't hang on only one project.

As of Version 0.36 beta 6, MESS has leaped to the forefront of Vectrex emulation. Anyone who cares about Vectrex emulation really needs to try both emulators as they both excel in different ways.

Visit our MESS page here.


Games/Overlays The standard archives...
everygam.zip (265k, legally distributed) All original games, including the new games and demos listed below.
m-vecbin.zip (257Kb, legally distributed) This is a MESS-friendly archive of games, named to match the names in the MESS overlay archive

dve_overlays.zip (861k, distributed not-for-profit in accordance with Western Technologies' wishes) All original/older overlay sets for the DVE emulator. Look down for my original overlays and others. Visit the MESS Page for overlays for MESS. New!...Added the original overlay for Dark Tower. That overlay set can be dowloaded separately here.

instruct.zip (76k) 35 Game Instruction Manuals.

misc.zip (50k) Miscellaneous sound/graphics/test binary files.


My Overlays My icing on the cake...
If I were advertising my original DVE overlays then the tag line would be something like..."Well...they're better than nothing!"  They could easily be done much better but few others are doing them, so here are mine. If you are using DVE 1.40 then everything goes in one big directory. If you are using 2.0 then .PCX files go in the "pic" folder, .VOL files go in the "vol" folder, and .BIN files go in the...you guessed it..."bin" folder.

NOTE: These will not work with MESS, but you can find some versions for MESS in the overlay zip file at the MESS Page.

DARK TOWER (65k) These DVE overlay files by me are from a scan of the original Dark Tower overlay by Sean Kelly.

MOON LANDER (83k) [preview] These overlays when used with DVE 2.0 b7 and above, with anti-aliasing off, turn the game into full color!

VECTREX FROGGER (Overlays 2.0) (70k) [preview] If you downloaded my first set of Frogger overlays then pleeez download this new set instead; they are far superior. WARNING: The .vol file and the .pcx files will overwrite your older Frogger overlay files...as well they should :)

ALL GOOD THINGS REVISION B (41k) The gradations and dithering have been dramatically reduced to get the filesizes in line. Also MESS doesn't take kindly to dithering :) Backup your current copy of agt.vol so you can always switch back. These .pcx files won't overwrite your current AGT ones.

OMEGA CHASE (24Kb) Unofficial overlay files for DVE. The cartridge ships with a different overlay. UPDATED 2-5-99: If your set has my initials in red at the bottom then you ahould download this set again.

MR. BOSTON CLEAN SWEEP (47Kb) This is a reproduction of the overlays for Mr Boston Clean Sweep, a promotional (and rare) cartridge put out by a liquor company. A scan of the original overlay is here for comparison. TIP: Backup your current copy of Sweep.vol so you can always switch back. These .pcx files won't overwrite your current Clean Sweep ones.

DARK TOWER (71Kb) These are original overlays by me, not authentic ones.

SPIKE HOPPIN' (colored vectors) (19Kb) Before use with DVE 2.0 be sure to turn off anti-aliasing (LINE_TYPE :0 in vectrex.ini) or overlays wont look as good as they should. The same goes for the colored vector version of Star Trek.

SPIKE HOPPIN' (normal vectors) (18Kb) This is a standard set of overlays done the usual way. Backup your current copy of spikesh.vol so you can always switch back. These .pcx files won't overwrite your current Spike Hoppin ones.

VECTREX FROGGER  (13Kb) These overlays have been taken offline because they suck very badly compared to VECTREX FROGGER 2.0 Overlays...

ALL GOOD THINGS  (430Kb) TIP: These PCX files are very large. You need only unzip the one you'll be using. (ex. if your emulator, in vectrex.ini, is set to use display_mode 3, then you only have to unzip agt3.pcx [as well as agt.vol]).

BERZERK (IMPROVED SET)  (24Kb) TIP: Backup your current copy of Berzerk.vol so you can always switch back. These .pcx files won't overwrite your current Berzerk ones.




More Overlays Overlays by others...
darktower_ovly.zip (34k, Stacy Davidson) These are overlays realized by Stacy Davidson. They are based on photocopies of the original Dark Tower overlay. See the overlay file above for overlays based on a high quality scan of the actual overlay.

Lionel Cordier has put together an impressive collection of overlays for both emulators. Click on the links below to download. What's included:

- Starship overlay.
- Starship rom by renaming title starTREK to starSHIP.
- Webwars overlay.
- Webwars rom by renaming title webwarP to WebwarS.
- New colors for Vpong (from pole position).
- New colors for Starwars (from star castle).

- All Good Things -> true colors
- Dark Tower -> new version
- Moon Lander -> with only one color
- Moon Lander -> green version
- Mr Boston -> colors like Cleansweep
- Spike Goes Skiing
- Spike Hoppin' -> with only one color
- Spike's wedding
- Starwars a New Hope
- Starship
- Vector Vaders
- Vpong
- Webwars
- Wormhole

Soren's Overlays More new ones...
WORMHOLE (49k, Soren Krogh) [preview] These new overlays add spice to the neoclassic game from the latest Dondzila multicart.

SPIKE'S WEDDING (27k, Soren Krogh) [preview] Alternate overlays for Spike, authored by a groom-to-be. These won't overwrite your current Spike .pcx files, but you should backup your current spike.vol file.

VECTREX PONG (18k, Soren Krogh) [preview] Expand the possibilities of your Vectrex with this new overlay set :)

SPIKE GOES SKIING (24k, Soren Krogh) [preview] This 3rd and most-polished set from Soren is for a game many would like to see someday in a finished form. Maybe the overlay set will renew work on this demo game.

STAR DEMO (16k, Soren Krogh) [preview] In his second release, Soren has taken the demo for the game Star Wars (before it was renamed Star Siege) and given it the "Star Wars: A New Hope" treatment. Definitely one of the more fun overlays you'll see.

MOON LANDER BETA 9 (15k, Soren Krogh) This is Soren's first overlay release.


New Games How many classic systems still inspire programmers this way?
In 1996, John Dondzila released a new Vectrex Game, Vector Vaders, and since then has been joined by others in doing so. The limitations of the system itself forces the games to be straightforward and uncluttered, with emphasis on gameplay, helping many of the games become instant classics. Other games have been released in demo/unfinished form, some of which will be completed later. Many gamepak downloads include some of these games so you may already have them. If you don't, here they are...

newgames.zip (215Kb, updated 9/3/2000)

Tour De France (prototype)
Berzerk 2 (bugfixed)
Polar Rescue (proto)
Star Trek 2 (alternate ver.)
Minestorm 3D (Taft 2D version)
Narrow Escape 3D (Taft 2D version)
VectRace/Vaboom (rcg)
Spike's Water Balloons (analog)
Narrow Escape 2D
Minestorm V2 (Taft)
Moon Lander (final)
All Good Things
Omega Chase (16k)

Star Trek (reversed y-axis, new theme)
Rockaroid Remix
Spike's Hoppin'
Vector Vaders
Vectrex Pong
and the demos...

3D demo 7
labrynth 3
SAW Gallery Demo 3
demo (German)
spike goes skiing
lunar lander

Tank Demo
VecSports Boxing


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