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Spike's Big Vectrex Page (this site)


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Brett's Vectrex Preserve
(Technical Aspects/New Projects/Forum)

John Dondzila - Classic Game Creations
(new vectrex games, controllers)
(Numerous links and new downloads)

Chris' DVE 2.0 Emulator Official Page
(always the latest version)


Valavan's Emulator Site

Kristof's Vectrex Page for New Games (Tom Sloper)

VecRam - Richard Hutchinson

My Vectrex - Ronen Habot (new games)

Fred's Vectrex Page (new Minestorm, 2D Narrow Escape variations)

Vectrex Programming (Christopher L Tumber)

Wintermute: Vectrex/Vectrex Dev Mailing List

Vectrex_Dev at

Sean Kelly's Multi-Cart-O-Rama (Vectrex multicart and new cart casings)

Manu's Programming Site (page for WIP games)

Official MESS Emulator Homepage

Atarian's Vectrex Page

Official Adrenalin Interactive Web Site
(Jay Smith's company..."Father of the Vectrex")

Classic Videogame Station Odyssey
(Fascinating site, in Japanese, with pictures and sounds
from the Japanese version of the Vectrex)

The Vectrex Resource Center

Vectrex Game Development - Jonathan Velasco
(new version of Star Castle)

Vectrex (German site with a game demo and tech info)
...also you may need Altavista Translations

Good Deal Games (Tuts/Dondzila/Salomon/Cowgill interviews)

Deathskull Laboratories (Controller Modifications)

Angrybunny Australian Scans

Nicolas Sapin's Vectrex Scan Page

The Vectrex High Score Page

Walt's Vectrex Overlays
(The source of most overlays)

Vectrex FTP Archive

Tim's Vectrex Stuff

DVE Official US Mirror
(not the latest 2.0 beta though)

Viva Vectrex! (reviews)

Clay's Vectrex Stuff (moon lander)

Tom's Vectrex Page (luner lander demo)

Vectrex Picture Gallery

Vectrex Developer Links

Anal Retentive Retro Games - Vectrex

History of Home Video Games (1982)
or to view it in your browser:
#RGVC (EFnet):


Not Vectrex Specific

Classic Gaming

Vintage Gaming Network

The Video Game Critic

Classic Video Games Nexus

Tomorrow's Heroes

Phaze's Classic Videogame Magazine Museum

Digital Press

Bally Alley (Astrocade)


The Atari Historical Society

Atari 2600 Nexus


Way Off-Topic

The Onion
America's (ehem!) Finest News Source...
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Wind Up Your Modem...It's Dr. Demento on the 'Net!
(Listen to the Doc on Realaudio...)

France Telecom Directories
(Click on the 'english' icon, go to the map, click on a street, and navigate the streets of Paris in this virtual version, consisting of 350,000 pictures of the city)

Active Worlds
(Like Geocities, but you move around using a virtual reality browser, chatting with other people, building things. Do a small download, install/start the browser, and see the future of the internet)

John Mann's Wacky Packages Page
(Funny product parody stickers from the mid-seventies)


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