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For more downloads, as well as a wealth of technical/programming resources and projects, check out www.PlayVectrex.com.

vecskin2.zip (70k, BaronVR/Doug Roberts) [Preview] This is Vectrex WinAmp Skin 2.0 by yours truly. Just unzip into your WinAmp/skins directory, start WinAmp, hit ALT-S and choose "vecskin2", and off you go... The overlay addition is courtesy of Doug.

vecsound.zip (v 1.2) (426k, Chris Salomon) This Vectrex sound demo generation program can take one of thousands of ".YM" files from many different Atari ST archive sites and convert it into a binary image for either a Vec emulator or a real Vectrex. If you're able to use an Atari ST computer or the PaCifiST emulator (see The Little Green Desktop), then you can even compose your own .ym files with a ST music program and make your own Vectrex Jukebox (I'm looking right now for a program to recommend).
TIP: Under Win9x, you can create shortcuts to "C_fast.bat" and "C_best.bat" then right-click and open the PROPERTIES window for those shortcuts, click on the program tab, and edit the command line to add the filename of the .ym file (ex: "Cmd line:  E:\VECSOUND\C_FAST.BAT starwars.ym"). YM Archive Sites:  The Little Green Desktop, ST Sound Pleasuredome, Oedipus.

sounddem.zip (30k) Some VecSound Demos that I made.

v-model.zip (55k, Christopher Tumber) This Vector object editor allows you to edit/load/save vector objects as well as export them in a format that can be incorporated into Vectrex programming code.

prog_doc_html.zip (3.4MB, Chris Salomon) The Vectrex Programming Tutorial, written for programmers already familiar with assembly language, it provides Vectrex specific information and support files for those wishing to write Vectrex games. This new version is in HTML format...

da_converter.txt (6k, Jay Tilton) Deathskull Laboratory's Atari to Vectrex Digital to Analog converter is now available in .TXT form complete with schematics.

vecscrsav.zip (1MB, Richard Hutchinson) This Vectrex Screen Saver features various Vec ads that change every few seconds and in front of them is a 3D rotating Vectrex unit. In the background is soothing synth music. Richard did a second one using game box photos, but I don't have DirectX 6 yet so I haven't been able to check it out.

v_man-all.zip / v_man-separate.zip (1.07MB each, Hessel Meun) Using TIFF group 4 Single Strip compression, the Service Manual has now been reduced to just over 1MB! These scans are available in two forms: v_man-all.zip is a single multi-page TIFF file while v_man-separate.zip contains the 34 separate files.

Vectrex_service_manual.zip (3.1MB, Chris Salomon/Mathis Rosenhauer) Acrobat Reader conversion of Chris' Service Manual scans by Mathis. It's half the size of the compressed bitmaps, just as detailed, and easily navigatable/zoomable with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
**Note: The first nine pages of the Service Manual is a reprint of the Owner's Manual.

no_buzz.zip (235k, Bill Seiler) Bill's tutorial (with pictures) on how to modify a Vectrex to reduce the buzz. If you attempt this, please do it very carefully.

vectrexc.zip (1.23MB, Chris Salomon) Vectrex C Compiler Beta. If you're familiar with programming in C and are interested in writing Vectrex games, then this should help. Although a beta, it works well. Feedback to Chris about this version will help shape the final version.

logos.zip (37k) Raster (.gif) and vector (.ai, .cdr, eps) versions of the American Vectrex Logo and a raster (.gif) of the European Logo...they should all scale cleanly (.gif files scale better after conversion to RGB mode from Indexed Color mode).

controller_ovl (107k) Vector versions of the Controller Overlay and projections of what the Right-Handed Contoller Overlay might have looked like. [preview 1] [preview 3] [preview 2]

vec_prog_doc.zip (2.6MB, Chris Salomon) The Vectrex Programming Tutorial, written for programmers already familiar with assembly language, it provides Vectrex specific information and support files for those wishing to write Vectrex games.

vec_faq.txt (52k, Gregg Woodcock, BaronVR) Frequently Asked Questions 5.1
reviews.txt (10k, B Pacula) Game Reviews
instruct.zip (76k, John Dondzila/Chris Salomon) The text from 35 Game instruction manuals
goggles.zip (74k, Zack Ethridge) Tech info for 3d goggle construction
controller.txt (14k, Brian Holscher, et al.) Sega Genesis to Vectrex controller conversion

Links to the other info (bitmaps of Service Manual, etc.):
Wintermute- Vectrex (PDF of the Vectrex EXEC ROM Source Code + more)
Joe Britt (his PDF of the Vectrex EXEC ROM Source Code + Taft's Programming Guide)
The Egress: Vectrex   (Christopher Tumber's Programming Tutorial + other helpful stuff)
Tech/Programming Docs Page
The Raven's Retro Nest


Spike's Big Gallery:

LaDouceur_collection.jpg (73907 bytes) (72k, Shawn La Douceur) Another great Vectrex collection. 5 Vectrex's, 44 games, 5 multicarts, 2 lightpens (one homemade), 2 original controllers... vectrix.jpg (75867 bytes) (74k, Phaze's Classic Videogame Magazine Museum) How close were we to a Vectrex computer? About one letter away :)...
vectrex-hdn1.jpg (20679 bytes) (20k, Hdn1) Hdn1's Vectrex collection, scaled down from 14 Vectrexes... keypad.jpg (97817 bytes)
(96k, Ade) This is a scan of the MB joystick sticker that is the best available scan for printing a replacement overlay for a MB controller...
vectrex0.jpg (180673 bytes) (60-100k, Martin Schobbe) These are scans from a genuine Dutch Vectrex booklet, as opposed to the Dutch Vectrex Ad parody posted below :)  cover one two three four five six seven eight nine manual01.jpg (96195 bytes) (488k total, CyberPunks) The Vectrex owner's manual and other enclosed inserts: Cover 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 notice safety1 safety2
ebay1.jpg (57050 bytes) ebay2.jpg (36124 bytes)
(56k, 35k, Mark Shaker) An article from Ebay Magazine describing a fairy-tale Vectrex auction between Fresno and the UK...
nico_vec5.jpg (42693 bytes)
(42k, Nicolas Sapin) The most impressive Vectrex collection I've yet seen. Nico's site is here.
triton2.gif (188358 bytes)  triton3d.gif (140877 bytes)
(183k, 137k, Al Backiel) Two more scans from Triton...a general catalog and a primarily 3D one.
Triton.jpg (97540 bytes) (95k, Ebay) This is from a company called Triton that not only sold Vectrex games, but put out a Vectrex-only catalog.
dark_twr.jpg (176393 bytes)
(172k, Sean Kelly) This is a color scan of the unreleased Dark Tower overlay. The DVE emulator files are in our emulation section. An actual-size/300dpi/cleaned-up version is here.
swb82.jpg (162828 bytes)
(321k, Jeff@adventurevision.com) From the 1982 Sears Wishbook catalog showing the Vectrex and other memorable tabletops.
Gerbchr1.jpg (350751 bytes)  Gerbchr2.jpg (226078 bytes)
(342k/220k, CyberPunks) From the Stella Gets a New Brain 1.0 CD, this is the color version of the German pamphlet previously posted. I hope I joined the pieces together accurately :)
v-joy-overlay-small.jpg (407506 bytes)
(398k, Jeff@adventurevision.com)
2921x904/400dpi scan of a replacement joystick sticker for printing purposes. Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw versions are here.
vec1.jpg (169396 bytes) (165k, Nicolas Sapin) [translation] Pic of the Vectrex computer prototype from a French magazine. ad-swedish.jpg (99349 bytes) (97k, Anders Wahlbom)
Sleek Swedish Vectrex Ad from ElektronikvSrlden no. 83 (Swedish electronics magazine)
eg-sep84-1.jpg (185378 bytes) eg-sep84-2.jpg (232050 bytes) eg-sep84-3.jpg (287463 bytes) eg-sept84-vg1.jpg (243283 bytes) eg-sept84-vg2.jpg (206277 bytes) eg-sept84-vg3.jpg (273136 bytes)  Larger version is at CVMM
(181k-280k, Al Backiel) "Farewell to the Vectrex"
from the September '84 issue of Electronic Games, and
in the same issue "Vector Graphics: The Rise--and
veca.jpg (127546 bytes) vecb.jpg (136515 bytes) vecc.jpg (137852 bytes) vecd.jpg (126647 bytes)
(123k-134k, Nicolas Sapin) French pre-release booklet. Note the logo saying "Vector" instead of "Vectrex" and the schitzophrenic mixture of American and European game logos/overlays.
passport1.gif (196256 bytes) (1MB total, Al Backiel) Passport Magazine Premier Issue. Cover 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 vfoutside.jpg (218160 bytes)  vfinside.jpg (181547 bytes)
(213k/177k, Peter Hirschberg) This used to be a common American Vectrex pamphlet. It's, in fact, the only one I remember growing up.
vectrekking1.jpg (155990 bytes) vectrekking2.jpg (215698 bytes) vectrekking3.jpg (219045 bytes) vectrekking4.jpg (214161 bytes) vectrekking5.jpg (233356 bytes)
(182k-254k, Phaze's Classic Videogame Magazine Museum) An article from November '82 Electronic Fun magazine.
joy-vec1.jpg (137566 bytes) joy-vec2.jpg (149411 bytes)
(134k/146k, Phaze's Classic Videogame Magazine Museum) "The Arcade at Home" from the November, 1982 issue of Joystick
vidarcadeg1-1.jpeg (186079 bytes) vidarcadeg1-2.jpeg (235038 bytes) vidarcadeg1-3.jpeg (227252 bytes)     vidarcadeg2-1.jpeg (207678 bytes) vidarcadeg2-2.jpeg (260583 bytes)
(182k-254k, Phaze's Classic Videogame Magazine Museum) Two Vectrex articles from Video & Arcade Games, #1 and #2
ad-cvso.jpg (87082 bytes) (85k, Classic VideoGame Station Odyssey) Japanese ad from an excellent Japanese Vectrex site...lots more there
(2.7MB, John Dondzila) MPEG video of the "Vecmania" multicart made prior to it's official release. room1.jpg (60941 bytes) (60k)
room2.jpg (62974 bytes) (61k, John Dondzila) Two views of John Dondzila's videogame lab where new games were/are worked on, and a pic of the old lab
ripoff_1_small.jpg (3474 bytes) Arcade Originals Ad Gallery
Cosmic Chasm, Ripoff, Solar Quest, Space Wars, Star Castle, Starhawk...
vectrexsandy8.jpg (170210 bytes) (166k, Sandy Smith) Article explaining raster and vector graphics from The Home Computer Course.
Dscf0007.jpg (53456 bytes)
(24k, Paul Uborka) Another Australian Vectrex follower's console. The overlay has been correctly oriented for us in the Northern Hemisphere :)
fr-vectrex-ad.jpg (208278 bytes) (203k, Nicolas Sapin) Translation Vectrex advertisement from a French magazine. More of Nicolas' scans are at his site
vec2comp.jpg (78970 bytes) (77k, Jack Spencer Jr.) Vectrex Computer photo from an old computer mag. Caption: "With little fanfare, GCE was showing a computer add-on for the Vectrex game system." mrb2_small.jpg (1686 bytes)
Mr. Boston Clean Sweep Gallery

Rare Promotional Cartridge
eg-nov82.jpg (60670 bytes) (59k, Phaze's Classic Videogame Magazine Museum) "Vectrex: King of the Stand Alones." Article: Page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4 notavail.jpg (102584 bytes) (100k, Vectrex Picture Archive)
Vectrex advertisement from a Dutch magazine. It is actually a parody of how "basic" the classic systems were.
vec-ad.jpg (91573 bytes) (89k, Raven's Retro Nest)
The people in this ad are obviously high
videospil.jpg (27703 bytes) 1.jpg (79201 bytes) below+picture.jpg (36163 bytes) 2.jpg (95983 bytes)
(27k, 80k, 36k, 96k, Soren Krogh) [translation] Excerpts from a Danish book, "Video Spil" originally written in German in '82 to provide previews, reviews, and strategies for arcade and home systems.
ad_front.jpg (128892 bytes) (125k)
ad_back.jpg (189639 bytes) (185k, Dave Bush)
Vectrex fold-out Pamphlet

(718k total, Raven's Retro Nest) 14-page Vectrex Booklet: Cover 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
angrybunny.jpg (19918 bytes) (20k, "angrybunny" aka Shayn and Natasha) Scans of Australian game variations are at their site manu-vec.jpg (264835 bytes) (154k, Manu) Vec Magazine ad designed like the fold-out brochure
VectrexStuff.jpg (68048 bytes) (66k, Steve Benders) More boxes and a couple of cases

rsteiner.jpg (16941 bytes) (17k, Richard Steiner) A scan of Richard's collection. At front, to the right is a multicart

everybox1.jpg (156477 bytes)  everybox2.jpg (157715 bytes) (152k/154k, Ebay) Vectrex boxes vectrex1.jpg (15503 bytes)  vectrex2.jpg (11827 bytes) (15k/11k, Ebay)
vken3d.gif (41090 bytes) (40k, Bill Stanton) 3d goggles. Subject: unknown, but wanted for questioning vlightpe.gif (20157 bytes)
(19.6k, Bill Stanton)
Light Pen in use
eurlabel.gif (113777 bytes) (111k, Al Backiel) European label variations and overlays


Your Vectrex gameroom here...

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All Good Things Armor Attack Art Master Bedlam
Berzerk Blitz Clean Sweep Cosmic Chasm
Crazy Coaster Dark Tower Fortress of Narzod Frogger
Heads Up Hyper Chase Melody Master Mine Storm
Mine Storm 3D Narrow Escape Omega Chase Patriots
Polar Rescue Pole Position Ripoff Rockaroids
Scramble Solar Quest Space War Spike
Spike's Hoppin' Spinball Star Castle Star Hawk
Star Trek Vector Vaders Vectrex Pong Web Wars


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