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If you would like to schedule a chat, feel free to email me.
Note: Your browser must have JAVA/JAVA Console enabled to use chatroom.

You must be "Java ready" to use this thing... sorry!


Time Event
Saturday, November 25
9pm EDT
Overlooked Games
Michael Thomasson (Good Deal Games)

Updated Schedule for CVGS

Right-click and save as chat.htm

To get a generic version of this page to add to YOUR website, RIGHT-click on this icon, then save the target file into a page called chat.htm on your web, customize it to your liking (just don't change the java variables) and you're ready to go!

Here's a list of useful commands once you are logged in.
Prefix all commands with a slash (/).


Command Meaning
/who Shows a list of all the users in the current channel
/whois [username] Requests additional information about the user with the given name
/me [does something] Sends an "action" or "emotion" (ie /me shrugs)
/msg [username] [text] Sends a text privately to the user with the given name
/ignore [username] Ignores the user with the given name, that means, you will not receive any more messages from that user
/unignore [username] Stops ignoring the given user
/ignorelist Shows a list of all users you ignore
/quit This command will officially exit you from the room

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