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Rose Town

With Mack destroyed, the Mushroom Kingdom returns to normal. The chancellor once again bids you farewell...but you shouldn't leave town yet.

Mallow came back to town for a reason, but he can't seem to remember why. To jog his memory, go back to the store and talk to the owner. In exchange for the Rare Frog Coin that you retrieved from Croco, you get a scrumptious Cricket Pie for Frogfucius. With that in had, leave town for the next area of the Mushroom World.

Kero Sewers
After the short cut scene about the "Belome", simply press down to enter the pipe. Use the save point near you, then jump into the water. (Notice: Mario's body disappears when you get the water!)

You now see two pipes...the one you came from and the one below. Drop down the one below. Run along the hallway until you reach the next pipe, then follow it to the next room.

In the next area, battle the mouse scurrying from above. Suggestion: take out the mouse before you attack anything else in battle. Drop down the ledge to your right and then go up those stairs and open the chest...and prepare to battle!

The chest is actually a cleverly disguised enemy: Pandorite. Do a few Super Jumps on him to take him out quickly. Your reward for the battle is a Trueform Pin, which prevents transformation attacks on it's wearer. Equip Mario with the accessory quickly! This will protect him in an upcoming battle with the Boss of Kero Sewers. (And Mallow doesn't do much during the battle, so protect Mario!)

To get back up on the ledge you were on before you jumped down to the lower level, stand on the top stair and run & jump strait to the left. It may take a few tries, but you'll get there!

Proceed towards the top-left of the screen, but beware the mice that rush out of the cracks in the wall! You can take them out easily for more experience points if you'd like. Continue to make your way upwards until you reach the top of the room.

The next room is FUN! See the chest? Grab it when you’re ready, then rush over and smack the Boo and the circling (what are they doing?) mice with the invincibility of the star. You can get that other boo below, but you will have to backtrack a bit to get back. Go in the pipe in the upper left of the room to move on.

In this room, go along the top left and trounce on each of the Mice to get past them. Or, if you're good, just leap frog over them. Drop down the pipe at the end. Now, see that mouse just standing still on the ledge? Jump up and greet him with a great big BATTLE!

See the pipe below you now? Jump in it. Now, rush up and hit the green switch. WARNING: DON'T JUMP ON THE SPRINGBOARD!! YOU WOULD REGRET IT!! (Remember what curiosity did to the cat....) Anyway, run back down to the pipe and go through it back to the larger room. With the water gone, run down to the left and drop into the pipe there.

Don't fall of now! Run along and hit the treasure box to receive a full healing mushroom. Then hit the save may need it. Drop down the pipe to meet someone named...BELOME!

Begin the battle with a Super Jump, then have Mallow punch his face. Belome will eventually do Scarecrow Funk, an attack that transforms you into a Scarecrow! Hopefully, he does it on Mario, not Mallow...(You DID put the Trueform Pin on Mario, didn't you...?) Eventually, Belome will rush down and swallow Mallow hole! Now it's just down to Mario! If the plumber dies now, the Game's over, bud! Just keep hitting the four-eyed dog until he spits Mallow back out and rushes away....allowing the onslaught of Kero Sewer's water to rush in....

Midas River
See the minigame section to see how to get through this.

Equip the NokNok Shell as soon as you can, then move on to...

Tadpole Pond
Run forwards and stand on the square rock to alert the Tadpoles that you have arrived. After the cut scene, jump across the tadpole bridge and find out about the true plot of SMRPG.

After you're about to leave, rush back and give Frogfucius something to cheer him up: Cricket Pie. The staff that you receive is Mallow's first weapon. Equip it, and the, whatever he is, will be a formidable fighter at last!

There is a save point to your right (screen, not Mario) before you leave the pond. It's there in melody bay. Go to the minigame section to find out about it.

Rose Way
Move on to Rose Way next. To get through this mazelike area, jump on the first yellow block. Then move to the second before the block bounces back. Grab the shroom sitting on the second island, then hop back on. Move to the next block, but then stay on this one until you go down and grab the Flower to your left. THEN get on that other one to move ashore.

You should see two blocks moving back and fourth rapidly, so jump on and take out the shyguy. Now, use some skill and jump to the next block. Now, before you leap for the chest, make sure you note it's true location by comparing the block's shadow and the box's. Then leap when you're ready! Then return to the other area.

Get on the same yellow block and ride it through until you reach the other shore. To get through this area, go up to the left and then around the path until you get back to the shore. Ride this yellow block until you go past to the second one. Ride this next one until you pass two coins. DON'T GET OFF! Otherwise, you will be put back farther than you want to be!

Grab the coins on your way back (including the one on the island), then ride the next block back to the other block you passed up earlier. Ride that over to the last island and grab its coin. Ride the block to shore, and proceed forwards.

In this area, if you're quick, you can grab the coins in the chests before the ShyGuys battle you, or just pass the chests up altogether. Either way you do it, I'd still battle them for Experience. When you're done with that area, move on to the next one. And in the next area...the location of one of the two missing persons from Bowser's Keep is revealed....

Rose Town
The problems of Rose Town become apparent the moment you enter town. For starters, go to the right and then go up to the store. Don't go in just yet. See the crates piled up? Climb them then climb onto the chimney. Go down it like a normal pipe. Grab the chest, then go to the uppermost corner (on the bookshelf) and jump for a hidden box. Talk to the blue guy and buy what you need. Then, from the pink gal, buy 1 Thick Shirt, 1 Thick Pants, and 1 Wake Up Pin. If you don't have enough money, sell some items (like the millions of Pure Waters you probably have from Kero) or go somewhere and battle until you have enough for all those items!

Equip the items to their holders, giving Mario the Wake Up and removing the Trueform. Mallow should already have a Wake Up Pin from the Mushroom Castle. Then head across town to the Inn and try to get some shut eye...if you can.

When you step in you find Gaz, the youngster at the Inn, playing with his toys. Watch, then play with him when he notices you. (However, the playing may be a bit rough...)

You should come to within a few hours. During that time, you have the strangest dream...
Before leaving the inn, sleep another night. Toad appears by your bedside, so talk to him to receive a Flower Tab. Use it, and any others you've accumulated.

Before leaving town, go up to the guy pacing next to the ledge. Talk to him and find out his dilemma, then jump on his head (ouch!) to enter the house to fix the problem. Don't forget to take a few things for payment...say the hidden box over the bed (jump on the bed a bit)and the two downstairs, maybe? I don't think he'll mind...much. Don't forget to hit the big button! After he's inside, go back in and confess to find out about a secret: in the forest with four paths, go left, left, straight then right to receive something...good. Leave town and head for the forest.

Forest Maze
In this first area, do you see the rather large shadow just to the left of the path to the next room? Jump around in that area to receive something. Run strait through this area to the's like a pipe, ya see? Make your way through the cave, then jump on the springboard at the end. From the top of the stump go strait up and left, then jump around until you find a hidden box. Then proceed past the bee and on deeper into the forest. In this next area, drop down the stump you first see (the one on the right, first row). Then jump in the largest beam of light on the floor for chest.

Second row, left stump has a hidden chest in the corner strait up from the springboard. contains nothing. Next, drop down the final stump and wake the sleepyhead at the end of the room. Then, drop down it again and jump around where he had been sitting. Move on through the now cleared path.

Leave him be this time, and proceed through the cave. In the second room of the cave, take either path. They both lead to the springboard. Now, go up and to the n/e. Don't forget the save block! In that little nitch in the right side of the path (before the exit to the next area) is a hidden box.

Now you're to the 4 pathways. Go left, left, strait and right (Mario's directions) to receive some random prizes. To get back to the true path just go through the s/w path. Now for the real mission in the forest: follow Geno. From the save/red essence room, go right (All Mario's) left, strait, right, left.

Watch the scene unfold, then prepare to fight the world boss.

The second of Smithy's Latchkey's, Bowyer fights mean. Begin with all Magic attacks, until he locks that button from use. Just alternate between normal and magic, opposite the locked button. Once you win, you're:


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