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Bowyer's now in that archery in the sky, and the Rose Town folk have returned to normal. You also located Bowser...and Toadstool still remains out there, though....

Rose Town
Upon returning to the city, go strait to the Hotel and talk to Gaz. Geno will introduce himself, and you will receive one of Geno's accessories: the weapon Mario was hit with earlier: the Finger Shot! Equip it to Geno, along with the Trueform Pin if you still have it.

Pipe Vault
Just outside of Rose Town is a Pipe....that leads to the world renounced vacation spot of the Mushroom World: Yo'ster Isle.

Drop down it into a flashback: the area is one space wide, giving the feel of an original side-scroller Mario game! However....the goombas can't be stomped upon! Make your way across the lava pits (while avoiding the alternating sparkies), then drop down the next pipe into the room. Attack the goomba and gain a few extra experience points.

Just after you hear the stomp of a Thwomp, rush up the stairs and continue past the thumping rock. If you don't make it, you will fall back to the start! Avoid the piranha plant, and drop down the second pipe. Now, drop down the first pipe (not including the one you're standing on.) Stand in the third block from the wall and jump to reveal a platform. Get on the top and walk along jumping. There are two hidden chests up there, and one visible. Once you get all three, drop back down next to the yellow block. Run along the lower level, and press down at the last moment to grab the Frog Coin. Jump on the trap to go back up. Go down the last pipe.

Avoid the two goombas (or battle them, if you wish). Then pass up the piranha plant in the red planter, and drop down the tube. In the next room, there are piranha plants in all of the planters except for ones with the white flytraps (or in this case, coin traps). Leap as necessary to get through.

In the next area, jump on the floating yellow block and grab the chest. Then, avoid the flytraps by riding the yellow block. Don't get the just has coins in it...and you'll loose more than you gain if you try to get it. Drop down the pipe and you arrive at....

Yo'ster Isle
Use the save block, then jump behind it to grab a hidden box.

For information on Yo'ster Isle events, check the minigame page.

Use the path on both ends of the island to return. (You don't have to go through the pipe vault any longer...) Now you can get to Yo'ster by way of the map, not pipe. Move on to Moleville.

Noting seems amuck when you enter...except for the Koopa Troops rallying in the North Eastern part of the town. Then march off after a short rally, so they can go take over Bowser's Keep again.

Go into the store to buy a few things, and get information on Moleville's problems. Buy a Punch Glove, Cymbals, and 3 Mega Pants. Equip the weapons and armor, then get some shuteye in the inn. After that, enter the mines to see what the ruckus is about.

Coal Mine
It appears there's been an accident, and three moles have been trapped inside the mine. Jump on the shoulders of the moles, and then make your way through the next room; battle whom you wish. In the next room, drop down and go deeper into the mines; ignore the treasure hunter above.

See the springboard? Leap onto it...

...After you come to, it appears you've become a victim once again of an old enemy! Upon seeing you're awake, Croco and his 3 underlings rush off. Give chase to regain your cash. Avoiding enemies, rush ahead and corner the crook in the mines.
However...he makes an explosive getaway. Make your way through then next room, then follow him into the next one.

Now the fun part begins. The underlings have scattered, and Croco is sprinting around the loop that has now been created. Avoid fighting Croco just yet--in other words, DON'T TOUCH HIM!!

Go through that first room, then into the next one. See the crook hiding behind the crate? Attack and destroy! Not only will you get a lot of experience, but a boatload of coins, too! The crook sprints off...leaving a Flower Tab behind!

The next two crooks are hiding behind the springboard and a crate in the room after that. Once all three have been located and destroyed, use HP Rain and recover your HP, then use the three (or any others you have built up) Flower Tabs, and then travel clockwise through the tunnels to locate Croco.

Simply attack him like the last Croco, except don't Fire Orb. Attack with Mario's Power Glove and the other normal attacks from Geno and Mallow. After he's lost about 1/3 of his HP, he steals something more: YOUR ITEMS!!! After that point, good luck using them!

Just continue on, saving FP for HP Rain when needed. When he finally gives up, he tosses back the items...and your coins! Accidentally, though, he drops a very volatile item: a Bambino Bomb!

Return to the spring room, then go to left and make your way through the rooms until you have two choices on paths to go.

Once you find it, follow it. In the next room, avoid the enemies and move on. In this room is one of the trapped moles: the father of the two kids trapped deeper in the mine. Give him the Bambino Bomb to get through the blocked path. Go on through the blasted door and into the next part of the mine.

In this first room, take the lower path and then sprint along the rails until a friend greets you. After being pushed back, grab the frog coin and then take the upper path. If you fall back down, use the crates to get back up or keep following the rails to the next room. If you take the upper, grab the chest and start knockin' away enemies! (It's a star).

Finally, just continue on until you find a room with rails over a giant gap that is guarded by 4 bob-ombs. Get past them by jumping or just battle through their ranks. Don't get the box near the save point, just move on until you see the one floating high above. Use the crates to grab it, then rush back and get the other box and use the save point. Equip Mario with Jump Shoes then follow the rails deeper and then make your way past the Bob-Ombs and Bambino Bombs and attack the purple fiend from behind.

This British baddie has a whish to be famous. Let's put his name in the paper...under obituaries.
Skip over the tiny bombs he throws out as a defense line and take on the big guy himself. With the Jump Shoes on Mario, his jump can get past the defense of the hat and score real damage with Super Jump. After a few hits, he brings out bigger and bigger ammo. Finally, he stomps himself into the ground. Grab the third star, and move deeper into the mines where you'll find Dyna, Mite, and the most famous minigame in Mario RPG: the Moleville Minecart Ride!


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